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Monday, October 1, 2007

Asian Girls

This Asian girls photos pretty much speak for themselves. She is sexy, beautiful and has a great look in front of the camera. You guys like controversy don't you? Anything that puts up a good scrap seems to always grab attention. I think in the next few posts I will discuss a couple issues I have and who knows maybe I might find a solution. Topics I Asian girls, porn, google ads, and my favorites friendster and myspace. Just some things to get my blood boiling. Hope you guys enjoy this lovely Asian girl

2 sexy girl comments:

Anonymous said...


Most Western men do not realize that in each Thai lady there are actually two ladies... the natural Thai lady and the culturally programmed Thai lady.

The culturally programmed Thai lady is the one with all the rules and all the roles... all the restrictions, constrictions... all the shouldn’t, should, don'ts, cant’s, mustn’t...etc.

But the natural Thai lady....that's the lady right there at the core, right next to her heart, who she truly is... where she keeps her most exciting memories... where she ponders fantasies... daydreams... amazing possibilities... the things she'd do if no one were watching and no one... even her best friends... would ever, ever know about...

Most Western men just do things that trigger the culturally programmed Thai lady... But when a man... a rare Western man... can touch a Thai lady in that special place in all those special ways she longs to be touched... in ways she maybe even can't admit to herself... then WOW... an almost complete transformation takes place...

and she starts blossoming way beyond what she ever even thought possible.

This is what I would truly wish for the mystery lady, buried back so many pages in the blog. She is already blossoming and prettier than any flower. If only she noticed an average guy like me. I wonder if she knows that someone watches her and cares about her with an open heart.

I truly feel that your blog is truly awesome. You show some of the most beautiful ladies on the planet. You still find the time to interact with your readers. What is truly wonderful is you even take the time and interact with me, very cool. Thank you.

Love, light, and happiness


Thaidarling said...

You always write beautiful comments. This particular comment however is by far the most beautiful one yet. I think you hit on 2 very strong and key issues with Thai women. I need to email you and will in a little while.