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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Hot Asian Girls

Hot Asian girls try to cool off in summer the best way they can. As most of you know it gets extremely hot here in Thailand in the summer

time. Winter time is a little cooler but not much. The only real distinction is the fact that winter time is our rainy season and it rains pretty much everyday. Beautiful Asian girls and Thai girls like this one melt the hearts of most men. If you ever have the chance to visit Thailand in the hot summer, just watch what the locals do and follow them to keep cool. For the most part all Asian girls are use to the heat and does not bother us as much as it does tourist but we still walk in the shade and know most of the shaded and cooler routes when walking. Like passing through breezeways and subway tunnels to keep cool. Everywhere you turn there is plenty of vendors selling drinks so thirst will not be an issue. Stepping on your tongue might be an issue though,from seeing all of the pretty Asian girls. It is ok to look but be polite and discreet about it.

2 sexy girl comments:

Anonymous said...

Hello Dee,
I wrote this with the mystery lady, buried so many pages back in the blog. If she only knew, if she only she could only see me..

have you ever been fascinated
by someone whose words just seemed to penetrate you?

you find yourself looking
and you can't look away
and the more that you try
the more that gaze stays

riveted here
where you want it to be
cause you know that there's something
you just have to see

as you listen so close
and you start to wonder
what would it feel like
to be falling under

a spell, magic
being spun by the sound
of a voice whose rich warmth
was spreading on down.

have you ever experienced
instantaneous connection?
to the point where your thoughts moved in
just one direction?

people sometimes ask,
"please...just a kiss!"
funny how you find yourself
wishing the same wish

your mind is amazing
when you really
let it go
as you find yourself picturing know?

as the warmth of that voice
takes on a glow
spreading and pulsating
where you want it to go

i will tell you all you desire...

me...i know.

you step out of what was
invited, slipped inside
feels like warm rain
between your sighs

and it's not important
that you find
every inhibition
is left far behind.

as you recall how it feels
to be so in love
and you see that image of us up above

you see at last
who you've finally found
what you've looked for
and longed for
has finally come round.

with warm, passionate, exciting overflowing love


Anonymous said...

Hello Dee,

I could not help but wonder as I wrote this if the mystery lady, buried so many pages back in your blog, would be as fickle as the mermaid or as I dream, could actually see me. I don’t know, am just an average guy and could understand if she overlooked me. I can only hope she dose not.

One day a mermaid was swimming near a beautiful island cove, and came upon an underwater cave. Being the adventurous type, she decided to check it out. As she entered the cave she noticed a nice, soothing glow was filling the cave. A glow that was a hue of the colour she enjoyed most, and she watched it slowly fading from bright to dim, bright… to dim… bright … to dim, almost as if the cave had begun to BREATH VERY SLOWLY. As the mermaid continued on her exploration, she began to notice that there were exquisite markings all over the cave walls. And the way the light was hitting these markings, revealed some nice features she hadn’t noticed at first. But the more she began to FOCUS ON THESE FEATURES the more she was pleased with what she saw. To the point where she was able to FEEL VERY EXCITED ABOUT BEING HERE. Suddenly a blowfish appeared and asked, “What do you see?” The mermaid looked at the blowfish with confusion and replied, “What do I see? I see a cave with beautiful markings and soothing lights.” The blowfish smiled and said, “No, that is what you think you see, because your mind must make sense of what is around you.”

The mermaid rolled her eyes and said, “Oh great, you’re one of those new age fishes.” The blowfish smiled and asked, “What makes you think I’m a fish at all?” And with that, the blowfish exploded into a growing… growing… ball of light, exactly the same colour as the glow throughout the cave. The mermaid began to GET VERY FASCINATED by what was happening. Without even understanding how, she began to FEEL A WARMTH enter her body… right… in… her solar plexus. And that warmth began to grow… and spread… all through her body. She noticed that her breathing was growing more rapid, and was matched perfectly by the throbbing pulse of the glow within the cave. Slowly… deliciously… she began to feel something happening from within her. Something… wonderful. And as it began to grow more strongly inside her, she began to HEAR THIS VOICE inside her mind. And somehow she knew, that THIS VOICE is the voice of permission. Her own permission, allowing herself to fully enjoy not only the feelings she was having right now, but to continue to ENJOY THIS all the way to it’s conclusion. Feelings of untold pleasure filled her from deep down inside, and for the first time she realized… she had never known this kind of pleasure before. She had always thought experienced true pleasure in her life, but after this, she realized what the height of true utopia really feels like. The rush of total satisfaction… the peak of personal awareness… the very fiber of what had been missing in her life up to this point. And just like that, snap, like a jolt of static electricity, she was back inside the cave. The glow was gone, the cave was dark and covered with yucky stuff, and the blowfish was gone. It was at this time she realized what had been going on this whole time. What she had thought she wanted when she entered the cave, personified itself to her. But what the blowfish gave her a taste of, was what would truly make her happy. She had been fulfilled, but also left lacking. Because she now knew what would truly make her happy, she failed to see what true benefits could be had with the blowfish, so she only got a glimpse of what could have been hers.

True passion, powerful and overflowing
Love always.