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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Getting noticed on Google

Google is the life blood of your websites. No matter what anyone tells you, search engine placement and rank is key to your success. There is no magic button to push and drive quality traffic to your site. You can join email promotions and see your mail simple placed in someones junk mail. You can join revolving links pages etc, will only give you 10 seconds of fame on your main page. The key is hard work. I ran across a site on called it has several good tips there. I would recomend it as a must read for anyone starting a new site.
Google is the phone book of the internet and we all know how life would suck without a phone directory.
Do searches on sites that promote themselves as authority in giving advice on google rank and see their ranks. Check keyword and number of pages associated with that key word on google.
example: " Asian girls " one of my main key words. There are 19,600,000 listings of this key word and ranks between 1 and 4 up and down.
key word " Asian women " 73,600,000 listings rank 1 to 3
keyword " Thai girls " 1,666,000 listings rank 1 to 2
keyword " Thai women " 2,430,000 listings rank 1 to 2

If you are checking these key words on google as you look at the pages you may see which is also mine. These are suport sites built and promoted to strengthen the main. After a few years of hard work even the support sites begin generating cash flow.
I think I will start posting a little on this subject often meybe Im helpin maybe Im not, I just like to talk :p

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Thanks for your tips on google secrets.