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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Maybe Its the way she looks at you?

I hope the ban has been lifted. Some how our blog has been associated with a spam unit of sorts. I think perhaps it was guilty by association. I submitted to a few new directories that must be connected with or guilty of spam. Therefore I have removed all reciprical links. I dont want that to happen again:( This photo is me with head ache during this. I promise to be a good little girl and only submit to google. ;) I thought maybe they didn't like Asian
girls or something.

2 sexy girl comments:

~~ Sabre ~~ said...

::frowns:: Too bad, I was gonna ask if you wanted to exchange links.
Oh well, I really like your blog!

Thaidarling said...

Thank you for visiting my blog
I would be happy to link with you.
I was speaking of certain directories that seem to all point to the same site.
Write be back and let me know/

I went to a few of your bogs too, very nice and you are a beautiful woman also.