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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Firm Thai girls bodies

I think one of the reasons men find Asian and Thai girls so attractive is because most of us are quite petite. Most are small yet firm and very shaply formed. Asian girls tend to look great no matter what they wear. We generally stay pretty active with lots of walking and other functions. So if you are looking for an Asian or Thai girl, it might be wise to get in shape so you can keep up with her ;)

2 sexy girl comments:

Anonymous said...

Hi and thanks for the blog - brightens up my day anyway.

One thing you have not mentioned about what makes Thai women so damn attractive to mean is that they tend to be quite deferential towards men (courteous, regardful, dutiful, even reverential etc).
This is such a contrast to what we have had to get used to from pushy western women. This is not a women's rights issue, or about empowerment or equality. First and foremost, this is simply about what men like.

You can have your pseudo- competitive attitude of western women, or you can have the gentler manner and mind-set of Thai/Asian women.

Some people will read this and say that it is wrong for women to have that attitude, but isn't that their right too?

At 40 (or so) I am so tired of all the political correctness about equality, and find a regardful attitude damn attractive.

When you also consider the totally hot way that Asian women look and carry themselves, well, there's just no doubt that Asian women are going to get the guy every time.

And those men who insist that they prefer an assertive, aggressive women.... are either lying, are wimps or they haven't been to Asia yet!

Thanks for listening, Tabtim

Thaidarling said...

Thank you for the wonderful comment Tabtim. I will try my best to always brighten your day.