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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Long Sexy Asian legs

On my last entry I spoke of the shy and quiet Asian girls and also the ones that are quiet pleasing to look at. Well I saved this Hot Asian girl and her long sexy legs to show you after. This is the back side of our mystery Asian girl and what a set of legs she has. I love those shoes but my legs I think are too short to make come close to looking as good as they do on her.
(This post was republished due too an edit)

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thaidarling said...

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original posting of 8/22/07

Anonymous said...
I just very recently discovered your blog. Wow it brought a ray of sunshine to my heart and a smile to my face. I think you show beautiful women very tastefully, very well done. I was very surprised to hear that some people were offended by a few of the photos. I am a magician. I do magic and make balloon animals. The children in the neighbor know this and there parents let them come over roughly twice a week, will do magic of make balloons for them, whatever they want. If the kids came over and your site was on I would see no reason to change it, there is nothing there that I try to hide. Although I have performed magic for many years, the one thing I can not do is capture the magic in an Asian ladies smile, that is one of the most beautiful things ever, smiles.
These are my thoughts on your blog. I would like to see 2-4 ladies added daily, I know you are busy with websites and other projects so what ever you can do would be great. Also I would like to see more beautiful, everyday girls as opposed to models. I am male and do enjoy looking at a beautiful women, but would rather see ladies I would see when I go to Thailand. I don’t know how other’s do it. What I do is save pictures to my pictures and have them rated from 1 to forgot the last number. I change it from time to time but know that the top 12-20 are solid. Is there any way I could get information on the top 12 or at least the top 5, if so that would be very much appreciated. I think the bar girls are pretty and I realize that is part of picture of Thailand, but that is not what I am looking for. I am looking for a special lady for a mail order bride.
I am basically a people person; I truly like to make people happy. I am much more on the sensual side. I feel she should enjoy fun and happy times. Someone who would love to play with you mmmm, something that would make us both smile. The experience would be so wondrous it may cause her to think of new directions and opportunities. With that in mind I would like to share some thoughts and ideas with you…..
Did you ever instantly know you were going to like and trust someone for a long, long time? Maybe you only knew them for a short while but it seemed that you had known them your whole life, as if there was a timeless connection between you and them?
I'm wondering as you read so carefully, if you can remember the feeling of that, and just how wonderful it was because sometimes life has a way of making us remember those things, right prior to discovering that we can experience those feelings again with someone.
Me well, I don't think that kind of thing can be forced. No essay or words or video can allow that to happen, but you just begin to recognize now how much you want to be with someone who is so good for you. Words and appearances are only expressions, the vehicles that contain the essence that moves us. It can only happen naturally as the expression of an energy between two people, but when it does, you just know that feeling of incredible bonding, when all barriers melt and drop away, and two people come together, fused into one spiritual essence, mingling energies, building and increasing and intensifying, mingling into an expression of aliveness that words can initiate but never capture fully.
It has to be indulged inside your imagination, dwelled on, and toyed with, deep, deep inside you. Speaking to you as a person who can experience that kind of connection, just how much can you look forward to enjoying that with someone who moves you in that way? As you remember what that would be like, and find those possibilities opening before you, in such a way that anything else blurs into insignificance, how powerfully will you feel that urge to be with someone in that special way and find out more about this person who has so moved you, with just words? As you might begin to recognize now you want to meet with me, realize I can be contacted at:

Love, Beauty, and Passion, Yours for now and ever after

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed writing my last blog entry to you, was fun. I am sorry I dropped in my email, did not know that was not allowed. You seem to have a keen view for Asian and Western cultures assimilating. I agree, there is really no such thing as mail order brides, you can not just pick someone from a catalog and live happily ever after. It takes work, patience, understanding, and communication from both people, but when it comes together there is nothing like in the whole world. warm and kind, and you are always on my mind. I think a good starting point is for her to her and for you to be you in a natural way, the way things should be. From being yourself and being honest things stem, such as---
A really great feeling is when you find yourself sharing a deep sense of trust with someone. You know, the kind of trust that feels like there is this glowing, pulsing red bubble, this pool of energy, holding both of you inside, warm to the touch, softly soothing you and calming you, making you feel relaxed and comfortable. A feeling so warm and strong it begins to flow inside you, deepening your sense of safety and total trust, expanding, spreading wide like wings, so much so that the feeling itself seems to say to you, your own sense of what you need and feel says to you, ‘You are safe, you are protected, you can open to this experience and feel and accept this experience completely.’ Now, with me, this feels great --- this with me, is the feeling. Maybe you feel good about feeling this feeling too. This kind of trust, real trust, this kind of trust is a great feeling, now, isn’t it?
Yet, at times, for perfectly good reasons, you can feel closed to experiencing something intense … On the other hand, what’s great is when you suddenly realize you’re in just the right place for this kind of thing. You know, you feel so comfortable, so open, it’s like there are is nothing that is not possible. Every thing takes on a warm fuzzy hue, the sky seems a brighter shade of blue. You feel so satisfied, so complete. This is what every one searches for, this inner, tranquil peace.

Love, light, and overflowing wonderment

Thaidarling said...

You seem like a wonderful man. You write many words and sound beautiful, I do not have skill in words like this I can only wish. My English is not so good as you. Perhaps if my word skill was as good as yours I would have more readers lol. Would you like to be a guest writter here and post as well?

Anonymous said...

Hello, I was very surprised and flattered to read your comments. I do enjoy writing, but feel your English is strong. I am deeply hounered that you have asked me to be a guest writer on your blog. Yes I would very much be honoured to write for you, please let me the steps that are required?
I agree, there are no magic formulas or tricks for asking out an Asian lady. The allure of an Asian lady is her shyness, politeness, and feminity. You can not buy her, you will only push her further away. The best advice I can think of is be relaxed and casual, if you are interested start slow, a simple smile, building to a casual hello. If she is interested she will show it. I think of Asian ladies like butterflies, delicate and beautiful, always bringing a smile. On that note I wonder if the special lady on you blog realizes she has a secret admirer, more on that in my next writing…

Thoughts of a Butterfly

Today a new adventure begins, filled with countless possibilities.
That is the thought, in fact, the innermost thoughts, of the butterfly who has awakened from her cocoon slumber. And what a perfect day for this exciting new adventure to begin. The sky is the most glorious ever, at least it appeared that way. When you have something to look forward to, it can make every single day seem glorious.

The trees were alive with rich green leaves, and were only outdone by the lush green grass of the far reaching hills, with reds and yellows of wild flowers here and there. The majestic mountains in the distance, still cast the coolness of deep shade on the hills. And just beyond the mountain range, and awe inspiring ocean flickered and glinted the sun’s rays upon its surface. Birds could be heard chirping in the distance, and the faint sound of the oceans melody against the shore, made the scene a treat for your eyes, your ears, and your mind. The butterfly sat on a tree branch to take a moment and see all these wonderful images clearly, and to hear all those magical sounds.

No longer the caterpillar that was unfilled in her life, this new butterfly took in a long… deep… refreshing… breath… holding in that wonderful feeling… then exhaled… ahhhhhh, yeah, that felt gooooood. Looking around her new environment the butterfly said to herself “Look at the opportunities right in front of you.” And a smile formed on the butterfly’s face, adding brightness to an already bright day. With a soft flutter, the butterfly lifted up off of the tree branch, and began the new adventure that awaited her.

Higher… she flew

From waaaay up here, the blades of grass looked miles away. Onward she flew; her eyes closed and a smile on her face, as she could feel the soft embrace of the wind. The butterfly opened her eyes just a moment, and could see a beautiful assortment of flowers just up ahead, loaded with all kinds of good things just right for a butterfly. She let out a pleased moan, and thought, “Mmmmm, I’ve earned something as good as this; I deserve to enjoy this, so I’m gonnna go for it.” The butterfly closed her eyes again, and began to imagine how good this treat will be. She began to imagine… that first… exciting… contact. Mmm, yeah, this will be so niiiiiice. Then she began to imagine… how it would… feel… to… enjoy this… again… and again… and again. Mmm, and it was all hers if she acted quickly enough. After all, something this good would not stay free for long, and then someone else would be enjoying it instead of her. She landed on a flowers with the gentleness of a graceful feather, and enjoyed the rewards in front of her.

Suddenly, a bee flew next to her and pleasantly asked,”Hi, I have not seen you around here before have I?”

She replied, “No, we have not met. My name is Pure and just today I became a butterfly.”

The bee looked at the butterfly’s wings and said, “Those are very impressive wings, very colourful.”

“They sure are!” Came two voices from behind. It was a ladybug, and a grasshopper, and they had just arrived.

The butterfly smiled and said, “Thank you all. I love my new wings, and the colours that they have.”

The ladybug asked,”How many different colours do you have on your wings?”

The butterfly said,”Well, let’s take them one at a time, shall we?” Then she spread out her wings and began. “There is green, which looks like the lush, healthy grass of the hills.”

“I think it looks like the long, silky stem of a flower.” Said the grasshopper with excitement.

“Hmmm” said the bee, “To me, it looks like the bountiful leaves on a mighty oak tree.”

Not to be – left out, the ladybug gave her input. “That green makes me think of the juicy green tomatoes in the garden of a farm.”

They all enjoyed playing this fun game, so the butterfly moved on to the next colour on her wings.

The butterfly spread her wings a little more and said, “Then this is blue, which looks like the cool, soothing colour of a gentle lake.”

“I think it looks like a sparkling sapphire.” Offered the grasshopper.

“Well,” said the bee, “To me it is like the freshest morning sky of a spring day.”

Then the ladybug said, “That blue reminds of pair of jeans I landed on, which were hung over a farmer’s wooden fence.”

Next the butterfly spread her wings a little more and said, “Then there’s yellow, which has the rich, golden, warm glow like a sunrise.”

“I think it looks like the yellow of a dandelion.” Said the grasshopper.

“Well,” said the bee, “To me, it’s like the sweet, tasty honey men and my brothers make.”

The ladybug said,” Ooh, the yellow colour reminds of ripe ears of a corn cob.”

Next the butterfly spread her wings a little bit more and said, “And I have white on my wings, which reminds me of a soft, comfortable pillow.”

“I think it looks like the white of an abundant cotton field.” Said the grasshopper.

“That’s a good one.” Said the bee, “And to me, it’s like the fluffy clouds up in the sky.”

The ladybug said, “Ooh, white, like the colour of a furry, gentle kitten.”

The butterfly gave a mighty push and spread her wings out just a bit more and said, “And finally, there’s red. And this red reminds me of a big, juicy apple.”

“I think it looks like the red of a beautiful Cardinal bird.” The grasshopper said with a smile.

“Very nice.” Said the bee. “And to me, it’s like the red of a beautiful rose when it reaches full bloom.”

The ladybug laughed. “That colour red reminds me of a big, sweet, sticky, lollipop.”

They all smiled, and began to imagine … what it would be like … to taste that … right … now.

Mmm … the sensations … of tasting … that sweet … treat … makes your … mouth … water.

After taking a moment to enjoy this imagined treat, the butterfly thought to herself, “Wow, this is a wonderful experience. I wonder what else there is to enjoy on this adventure?”

And what the butterfly experienced next, was beyond her imagination. Never before had she thought such wonderful adventures could be hers.

Love and passion entwined