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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Normal Thai Girl

This is a very pretty Thai girl and quite normal I guess in terms of Thai women as a whole. Every man seems to have different taste as to what they find beautiful or not so I will try and always have a variety of ladies on here for you to look at. Also if you are looking to meet a Thai lady you are welcome to look at some of the beautiful ladies at , Bird keeps quiet a selection of beautiful girls that are seeking western men. Just don't go to that site and forget about me though :p

2 sexy girl comments:

Anonymous said...

I think you missed my last post, or perhaps you are still looking over it. I just did not get a reply, I know you have a lot to read and write, with the blog and the websites. I have a friend that is Thai, we met in elementary school. He has a dark complexion. He has always been sensitive about it and feels it holds him back I look at the ladies in your blog, skin shade has nothing to do with it, a beautiful lady is beautiful. I think all countries have their beautiful women. I like ladies that are short, long straight hair, not sure how to state this but like very slanted eyes, think it is so exotic and inviting. I feel your blog shows beautiful women in a very tasteful way. I like the new format of having multiple shots of some of the ladies. I like the pictures of ladies that I would see or perhaps meet when I go to Thailand. I look at your blog twice a day, when I wake up and before I go to bed There is a lady in the blog pages that I think is very special, I wonder if she realizes she has a secret admirer. At any rate the following was written while thinking of her. I hope you enjoy it…

you know the other day I was thinking about how sometimes we can suddenly find ourselves feeling really connected to someone.
me, it happens rarely but when it is happening, I often find I wasn't aware of it until afterwards and you realize it was the start of something amazing. something you'll always cherish for the rest of your life.
I mean sometimes a person can just be looking at someone and suddenly for whatever mysterious reason, feel a connection so powerfully taking place, a connection that just lets you know that this person is going to be really special in your life where you find yourself so easily imaging being with this person in that special way two people can be together who feel that growing attraction, but then sometimes you don't even notice and feel its taken place .. now with me I find though that later when you look back on the wonderful, delightful things that took place and suddenly you realize how enchanted you find yourself feeling hmmmmm, its like you fall under a spell and you feel swept off your feet and you loose your sense of time and space now, as if your entire world is this person like you're looking/listening to your future as you just continue to listen so carefully.
and I think you may not feel that connection instanteously, but even over short conversation like this one ... a person can find themselves starting to naturally realize that this person is someone who totally meets their criteria for someone you want to spend time with in that special way. In a way that makes you feel mmmm you know what I mean.
and you recognize without even thinking about it that you really are looking forward to spending more time with this person and the more you allow yourself to feel this the more you begin to think of other things that can be so delightful. and you begin to feel so safe and uninhibited so that you know its ok to just let yourself go and imagine having your fantasies really come true .. now with me that’s how I see it.

pleasantly yours,

Thaidarling said...

I always love reading your comments. My English is so weak to yours. It take me long time to read and understand it and write.
Please do not think I not like.