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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Why Asian Girls?

Why Asian girls? or should I say "Y" Asian girls?
Smooth skin, soft flowing hair, clear complexion,
toned firm body and natural sexy curves are everything you could ever want. Exotic looks along with brains and style is one of the many reasons men seek Asian women.

2 sexy girl comments:

Val said...

You're right! all those reasons you listed are true about many of the asian women I have come across; In fact I may be attending an all asian bbq this weekend and hope to meet quite a few asian hotties!

Anonymous said...

Everything you say is true plus there's more. The famous French author Michel Houellebecq, in his book "Platform" told of how Thai girls loved to have FUN both in the bed and out of it. They are a joy to be with and make a Western man feel 15 years younger just by being around.