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Monday, September 10, 2007

Shy Asian girls

I always enjoy posting this girl and I can see why she is one of the favorites on here. She is adorable and has a perfect face and petite little body but she is HOT.
I am sure she has broken a few hearts. What is it about this little girl that you guys like so much? She is 22 I believe but still she looks like a teen to me. I hope thats not the reason.

1 sexy girl comments:

Anonymous said...

What is the allure of an Asian lady? Is it that long, satiny hair that is so soft and smells so nice? Is it those full pouty lips that are so luscious and hold back a giant smile? Is it the way their flawless skin glows with the sun? Ahhh, perhaps it is her eyes, those almond shape, brown liquid orbs, the sparkle so brightly and many consider to be the most interesting eyes.
You know a few people with eyes like yours and some of the ladies in your blog, eyes like that that are so exciting and riveting, like that glow isn’t just right there but in their whole personality as well…
It’s like as if when you look into those eyes, you can just see the whole way into them, and *feel so comfortable. With me*, it’s even more exciting though, the different things people can say with their eyes - eyes can also show deep understanding, and whether you’re paying attention to something or what’s going on deep inside you.
It’s amazing the things people’s eyes can tell, it’s like as if you can see a sense of humor right there in someone, or when the eyes are mysterious or sometimes just really intriguing, that just make you want to find out more of what’s going on behind them. If the special lady, back a few pages in your blog, knew I thought this or knew I even existed I would be tempted to write something like this:

A Wizard’s Wish

Sensual, kind, and so good natured too
I’m the type who can bring out the feelings in you

Those feelings and thoughts that you’re longing to share
But doubtful of finding a man who truly would care

A man who could capture the magic you hold
Who could sense all your secrets, and gently unfold

And open your hidden and deepest desire,
And with my own passion, ignite a fire

For who could uncover you as well
As a handsome magician who’s casting his spell?

Sending my magical thoughts, and my dreams…
And my hopes that your heart is as true as it seems

Are you ready to soar now, will you take my hand.
And share your deep feelings, for I will understand…

My heart will be open, our dreams will come clear
And we’ll blend in a vision so precious and dear…

Where we’re no longer separate, but one perfect being
United in happiness, finally seeing

That friendship and love can be ever so sweet…
Let us try – let me sweep you right off your feet!

If you’ve dreamed of a lover so gentle and wise
Who is friend and companion, just open your eyes!

You’ll see a good man, with a big heart
Who is reaching for you so the magic can start

You needn’t be lonely, you shouldn’t be blue…
I could be the man of your dreams! Now it is up to you

Love and happiness