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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Asian Sweethearts

OK shame on me, but I thought I would post these sexy Asian girls for those of you capping off your weekend or starting out your work week. Either way I thought they would bring a few smiles for you guys. Yes they are extremely hot and beautiful Asian girls and each of them are very classy. Someone yesterday tried to classify this blog as Asian and Thai porn. I checked my traffic history and seems that person follows this blog regularly, in fact a few visits a day. Well this is not a porn site nor will it ever become one. Yes I post beautiful and very sexy photos but never porn. I have a monday Asian girls question for all readers. Since I am Thai and learning English is it OK to spell OK ... ok, OK or Okay??

3 sexy girl comments:

Anonymous said...

Hello Dee,

It was so delightful to read you blogs. Your comments were fantastic and you showed some pretty Asian ladies. I wish more people would treat your blog like the gift it is. You write it from you heart, your feelings, opinions, and views. I know I have said this many times but it is your interaction with the readers that makes your blog so special.

It is interesting to watch as the blog evolves. More pictures and a wider variety. You show models, movie stars, and just plain average Thai ladies. I like this blend, it shows a much bigger picture of Thai culture. I am just an average man but buried in the blog, back a ways now is the mystery lady. If she could only see me or knew I existed I might be tempted to write something like this;

WHEN I am alone, it's you that I miss
WILL I ever feel your tender kiss?
YOUR eyes tell all...and so much more
LIPS on my what I'm craving for!
MEET me under the stars that shine
MINE is yours...and what's yours is mine!

WHEN the sun rises over the sea
WILL you be there watching it with me?
OUR hands embraced, we'll walk the land
BODIES of water crashing onto the sand!
TOUCH my soul and read my mind
AGAIN to take me to cloud nine!

WHEN I dream about you again
WILL it only be "just pretend?"
I want to make a night to remember
SLEEP in your arms & my soul to surrender!
WITH in this poem, there's questions to find
YOU should think and consider what is there in time
NOW you know I'm being sincere
PLEASE! Tell me the answer I'm longing to hear!

Love, light, and happiness

Anonymous said...

Hello Dee,

I was very surprised by your kind comments in your post. Thank you, that was very nice. I only thought of the movie because I was talking with and he brought it up. I only remembered part of it and he remembered the rest. I find your blog to be wonderful. I enjoy reading through it, this is a treasure trove of information. Also a photo gallery of beautiful women is a tasteful, artistic layout. What I really like about it is your interaction with your readers that is such a special gift for loyal readers and is truly appreciated.

There have been a few ladies, in your blog that have struck a chord with me. There is one lady, the mystery lady, that plays a song in my heart that sets my head a reeling. If she could see me and if she knew, wow, I would be likely to write something along these lines for her to read;

Have you ever experienced and intense pleasure for a special creative process you find yourself in the middle of ? With me, and my writing, I imagine the biggest pleasure of all is how I become able to feel that way instantaneously over and over again just being alone with me and my laptop, right down there just pounding away at the keyboard.

It’s like you’re sitting there face to face with whatever it is you have to do, and deep down you really want to do it, so you take a deep breath and allow yourself to relax completely as you shed your inhibitions and start to feel just perfect as you feel this vibrant force coming from deep inside you and experience it spreading to every cell of your being as you notice your heart beats faster and faster and how you breathing harder and harder as you find yourself able to experience the sheer excitement of those creative juices pulsing through your entire body.

And as that sensation builds and builds, you begin to feel absolutely compelled to just do this thing right now, and that is when the genuinely amazing stuff starts to flow out of you.

It’s as if your environment disappears and you focus completely on what’s right in front of you. And you notice that it’s like this thing is this bulls-eye target of your attention, and it becomes your entire world.

For instance, if you were to find yourself concentrating on one particular character, you cannot imagine how amazing it is to feel this intense fascination as it builds and builds to the point that you give yourself over to the moment and become completely absorbed in that special world of the creative process you’re experiencing right now.

It’s like you go inside your mind with me right now and start to feel a powerful connection with this special, memorable character you’re dealing with. It’s almost as if you can create an opening for that character and you notice how your inner voice begins to say the character’s words. You let him penetrate your consciousness and spread throughout every cell of your being.

You find yourself able to feel the extraordinary sensations of being with this character in a special way. You allow yourself to open the secret parts of yourself and you let the character come inside you.

And that is when you get really excited and become passionately consumed by that special world you’re experiencing so richly right now in that moment as you feel that exquisite pleasure.

Love, light, and happiness

Anonymous said...

Hello Dee,

I read your blog several times a day. I would never say anything to belittle such an incredible site. Your blog, along with your personal touch of interacting with the readers is wonderful. It brings a smile to my face and somehow the sky seems a deeper shade of blue. You show pictures of beautiful, sexy Asian ladies, but you display them so tastefully.

As your blog has grown and improved I am always surprised that someone finds fault with it or shoots it down. You give us such a precious gift, you should be praised for that. It is your dedication and love for the blog that makes you able to post everyday, yet make each entry seem new and fresh.

The reason I visit the blog so often is because of your comments, views, opinions and because I enjoy looking at pretty ladies. Buried back many pages in the blog is the mystery lady, she has me spellbound, she is flawless. I am an average guy, but if the mystery lady could only see me or knew I existed I would write something along these lines for her:

You are about to transported
To greater heights of pleasure
Than you ever dreamed possible
As you continue soaring
Higher and higher,
You are already beginning
To breathe more rapidly
In anticipation
Of the joys which will soon be yours,
For soon your entire being
Will be quivering with pleasure
And tingling with delight.

As you continue soaring
Higher and higher,
Your ability to respond
To experience of every kind
Is becoming infinitely keener
Your entire body
Is becoming exquisitely more sensitive
And more responsive
With every touch of my hand.

You are beginning to breathe
Even faster now,
As your capacity for experience
Multiples itself over and over.
And the higher you go
The higher you want to go
And the greater the effects of my words become.

And as your entire body
Continues to grow more sensitive
And more responsive
With every touch and caress,
You are also becoming more free,
More open,
And more responsive
To every type of joy.
You are becoming totally
And completely free,
As your responsiveness continues to grow
And your breathing becomes still faster
In anticipation of the joys
Which will soon be yours.

And the higher you go
The higher you want to go
And the stronger the effects of my words become.

And now,
As your responsiveness and sensitivity
Continue to increase
Within an atmosphere of total freedom,
We are continuing to release
All of the vast, untapped resources
Of feeling and emotion
Which lie within you,
Probing the depths of your innermost self
And releasing every wonderful, positive
For your exquisitely tuned body
To savor and experience to the fullest.
And the higher you go,
The higher you want to go
And the greater the effects of my words become.

Great waves of pleasure, ecstasy, and delight
Are gushing forth
From the innermost depths of you being
Like water from behind a trapped dam,
As your breathing comes still faster
And your heart begins to pound.

You are being guided
All the way to the peak of you potential
By the sound of my words
And the feel of my caresses.
And as you continue soaring ever higher,
You will feel wave after wave of ecstasy
Welling up from the depths of your being
And rolling endlessly forth
Like breakers upon an ocean shore.

Each successive wave,
As it comes crashing forth,
Will carry you higher,
Leaving you ever more sensitive
And more responsive
To the one which is to follow.

And the higher you go,
The higher you want to go
And the stronger the effects of my words become.

And when we finally fuse together
And become one,
The waves of joy
Will come faster and faster
Until they finally blend together
Into one vast tide
Which will carry you up to an ultimate
Crest of ecstasy,
Leaving you happy, fulfilled,
And flooded with bliss.

Love, light, and happiness