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Monday, October 29, 2007

Beautiful Asian girls

What can I say about these girls that their photos don't already say? They are beautiful and extremely sexy and yes I posted them just for you. I know some of you are thinking that some of these girls maybe to high class but for the most part that isn't true. Yes there are some Asian girls that seek out men with lots of money but most simply look for stability and a real long term commitment. While every culture and country has those girls that only want to find rich men, Asian countries also have those women. So if you are searching for your future bride I would suggest spending as much time as possible to find out what she is really after. If Asian girls are after money most times she will start dropping hints on the first date or second. Be weary of these types and yes they can be hot and very persuasive so be careful. Never send money to anyone unless you know them very very well. It is rare in Thai but it does exist just make sure of your girls intentions early on.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Dee,

I am so far behind on the posts of beautiful asian ladies, well take forever to catch up. What I will do instead is make some comments and my usual tribute to an amazing asian lady.

The asian ladies you have posted recently are very beautiful. Excellent choices and very well done photo layouts of these asian ladies.

My best friend, since elemtary school, is thai. He married 3 thai ladies. the first 2 were only after money, could care less about anything else. His 3rd thai bride is a good lady. She is kind, caring, and devouted.

Even though he finally found a wonderful thai bride he is major against me going that route. He thinks all thai ladies are after money or a green card. I have told him time and time again that beautiful asian ladies are not all that way. Sure there are those asian ladies that want just that, but the majority of asian ladies want someone that will respect them, honour them, be faithful, protect and cuddle them. I hope to find an incrediable asian lady and marry her, have a happy life together, is that to much to ask?

No post would be complete with out a request about the mystery asian lady. Dee, I don't know if you read these posts, but what steps would it take exactly to get any information on the mystery asian lady?

as per usual I have written a poem for thet mystery asian lady. Actually I wrote a very beautiful poem for the mystery asian lady, consider it the best i have ever written. I would like to send it to her personally, so the mystery asian lady could read it. Here is the other poem I wrote to honour the mystery asian lady. If she could only see me, if she only knew.

God must have been in a wonderful mood
when he your beautiful soul
and the words I imagine you speak so sweetly
are a reminder of his perfect work

Your friendship could mean so much
the wisdom and caring spirit that lay within
are a constant remembrance
of why I think of you and everything you do

You're a breath of fresh air
when a bad day calls my name
I wish you would listen, as I would, holding a place on my shoulder for you to cry on

Your heart holds no boundaries
when it comes to the love you share
with so many people who adore you

God must have forseen this
knowint his creation of you
was nothing short
of a perfect miracle.

Love, light, and happiness