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Friday, October 12, 2007

Sandy Asian and Thai Girls

I hope no one minds these dirty Asian girls. Yes I know she has sand on her bottom. I think these are very nice photos and show a real exotic and classy look and may I add sexy too? I saw on someones blog once a list of 10 commandments and one of those said thou shalt have only 1 blog. I can certainly agree with that. But I would also starve to death if I only had one site, at least for now anyway. I think one of the greatest additions of the century was spell checker. Now all Microsoft needs to come up with is tool that pops up when you visit a crappy blog that says "warning this person is stupid, please do not read this" cancel or allow....

2 sexy girl comments:

Anonymous said...

Hello Dee,

It is nice to see you having fun with the blog. I wish msn would come out with you really don't want to check this site out, poorly done by stupid people. I have been to so many bad sites looking for information. Why not just go to the site that has what you are looking for rather than gave you 20 sites with three quarters are awful.

ok got that pet peeve out of the way. I like that you are adding more comments to the blogs, very nice touch. I know it is hard to post and write everyday. I try to write often and I hit stumbling blocks sometimes.

It all shows that you are driven and motivated to make your readers happy. That is a rare thing to see, and very admirable.

I will leave you to read and sort through all your e-mails and such. Take care and stay happy.

Love,light, and happiness


Anonymous said...

Hello Dee,

I was reading the blog, and yes you have shown some very pretty ladies recently. I know you have other projects going, many which you share with your readers. I was glad to read your comment that you have grown rather fond of the blog. You commented on a movie you saw, a funny thing happened on the way to the farm.

I saw a movie that was exactly as you described, except it was called the gods must be crazy, was a funny movie. The last few entries have been sexy ladies. I like the typical girl you would find in Thailand. But a well rounded view of the ladies is very nice.

You also commented on how you have helped others to chat and such. Although you have shown some very beautiful, sexy ladies, I am captivated by the Mystery lady, buried back in the pages of the blog. I wonder if she knows or cares that I exist. If she did I would write something like…

Imagine Mystery, if you can
The silky softness of my hand
Trembling lips against your cheek
Tender kiss to make you weak

Pushing close not asking why
Bodies melting with a sigh
Burning ache turns into flame
As I gently speak your name

Begging you to feed the fire
With every inch of your desire
Breathing deep the smell of lust
Crying out with every thrust

Then as the waves take us away
Together after we shall lay
You more woman, I more man
Imagine Mystery, if you can.

Love, light, and happiness