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Friday, November 2, 2007

The Beauty of Asian girls

I love posting beautiful Asian girls like this one. I do not think her mother would approve of the way she is sitting abut I think most guys will give her 2 thumbs up. It is not normal that you would see a lady doing such things as this especially in Thailand. The vast majority of Asian girls are very shy and do nothing like this in a public setting. One thing all readers should understand, most of these ladies are real but were paid by someone for their photo shoot. A lot of these girls only pose just to earn money and would not normally do so if they had more options. That reason in itself is why a large number of Asian girls seek Western men as their chance for a better life.

1 sexy girl comments:

Anonymous said...

Hello Dee,

I read your recent post. She is a pretty Asian lady. I did not realize that Thai ladies would pose for photos and get paid for it. That is kind of sad that they do not have other options. Is that true for the majority of the Asian ladies you post? Just curious. The last few posts have shown very pretty Asian ladies.

As I have said I may be injured but I will try to keep up with the posts. I know that I will never be able to catch up, not even going to try. Instead I will throw in view and opinions on the beautiful Asian ladies you post. I am sorry to hear your strategy did not work and it cost you a page ranking. I feel that is so unfair considering how much work you put into the blog. Your blog of beautiful Asian ladies has brought a ray of bright sunshine into this lonely man’s heart.

As per usual no post would be complete without a poem for the mystery Asian lady that has so lifted my spirits. She does not know who I am, I wish you could see me, I wish she knew. I do not know anything of her, not even her name. Since she was posted I have been smitten. I would really love to chat with her in e-mail or messenger. That would be so awesome. Is it really to much to ask for information about the mystery Asian lady?

The longing of your touch, sweet whispers of the wind,
Melting through your eyes of love, memories of when.

My heartbeats still dream of passion, wanting even more,
As I create rhythms, like waves crash ocean shores.

One breath completes the others, two in unity,
Weavings of each song we could write, plays in harmony.

Your words etch deep within, filling my paint-less art,
And the thought of love you would bring, brightens my lonely heart.

So take sweet tender soul, my love through all tough days,
On precious angel wings, I'll send to you always .

Love, light, and happiness