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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Sweet Asian girls

I enjoy posting pretty Asian girls like these for you guys. I also enjoy the nice comments some of you are so kind to leave. Once in a while I will get the "remove my smut" comment but it is rare. I think this blog is done in good taste and shows beautiful Asian girls and Thai girls in a very classy way. I do not think anyone can say we have a trashy blog. I guess the only thing I can say is that if I offend anyone I am very sorry please close the window. Asian girls are mainly sweet and extremely shy and quiet. Yes there are places in Asian countries where some Asian girls work in certain professions that are deemed unethical, but at the same time it is also true for any nation on earth. Just the spot light seems to shine more in this direction. Believe me when I tell you most that do that simply have no other means to sustain themselves. It certainly was not a career choice at senior day in high school. So the next choice for a better life is to look for a reliable partner in life from Western countries. There are many Asian girls looking for good men with strong family values to create family and a lifetime partnership.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Dee,

I looked at your blog and saw that you posted one pretty Asian lady. This Asian lady is very sweet. She looks so innocent and shy. She has beautiful, long, shiny black hair. Her light plaid coloured bathing suit enhances her lovely curves. Her face is soft, smooth, and flawless. She has a shy smile and dark eyes that sparkle. A set of good pictures of a pretty Asian lady.

I have been following the blog of pretty Asian ladies for a while now. I have explored older posts and pretty much have read the whole thing a few times. I honestly do not see why anyone would be offended by the content. You show a wide variety of beautiful Asian ladies. Everything from pretty Thai ladies, that you would see everyday on the street to beautiful Thai actresses and everything in between. You show these pretty Asian ladies tastefully and artistically. It makes me smile and brightens my day. I look forward to new posts of pretty Asian ladies and to your comments. I have two ideas about who and why might be offended by your blog of pretty Asian ladies. One is western ladies. They see beautiful, sweet, shy, demure Asian ladies, dripping with grace, poise, and feminity. Western women know they can not compare so they get jealous and complain about your wonderful blog of pretty Asian ladies. The other idea is that no matter how hard you try you can not make everyone happy. There are people that will complain about anything, even beautiful Asian ladies. I actually feel sorry for both groups. To have nothing better to do than to complain about a blog of pretty Asian ladies that brings so much happiness to so many people.

It is true that pretty Asian ladies come in all shapes and sizes. Pretty Asian ladies look so exotic, and their shy, caring, warm nature is so compelling. The pretty Asian ladies all have their ideals, dreams, goals, wants, and needs. Unfortunately a small percentage of pretty Asian ladies just want a western man for money. They want their families to be supported in high style. I understand that many pretty Asian ladies don’t make much money and are supporting aging parents. I have no problem with that. It is the few pretty Asian ladies that just want money and nothing else. Some of my friends constantly lecture me about it. They tell me that pretty Asian ladies only want a western man to get a green card so they can take all his money. I have spent a considerable amount of time on your site I have looked at so many profiles and basically the lovely Thai ladies are saying age, looks, and money are not important. What they want is an honest, faithful man to share a lifetime of happiness. This beautiful Thai ladies want a reliable family man. That is not too much to ask is it? My thoughts are that if you truly get to know someone and have open, honest communication you will be able to tell what intentions they have. A relationship and marriage take work and compromises on both sides. If you want to be happy, truly happy deep down inside, want to feel needed and cared for as you care and nurture in return. If you want to protect, cuddle, and have a lifetime of full of exciting passion, warm sharing, deep true love it is worth it, it is what everyone is looking for, and is worth the effort.

As you know my post would not be complete without my usual routine ending about the mystery Asian lady. I ask for any information about her, how to contact her. I have begged for information about her. It seems like it falls on deaf ears. She does not see me, she has no idea who I am or know the ideas I have. I also do not know the mystery Asian lady; I do not even know her name. As much as I would like to I can’t send her a card, or flower, or poetry for Christmas. Once again please help me Dee.

Last night I drifted to the other side,
on a beautiful magic carpet ride.
To a land where Asian nymphs and Asian fairies play,
And vivid colours brightens each day.
I landed safely where the fairy tree stood,
deep within some mystical wood.
And there below a blue marshmallow sky,
Perched upon a branch way up high.

An Asian fairy queen with pure silken wings,
reflecting the sun like gold sequins.
She beckoned me to cross over the stream,
into a world of enchanted dreams.
A fairy dust hovered like silvery thread,
Floated and circled above my head.
Surrounding me in a kind of magical ring,
then I noticed I'd grown two tiny wings.

A host of butterflies broke out in song,
a unicorn trotted merrily along.
A pure white swan hummed a lullaby sweet,
as I was swept right off of my feet.
The spirit of happiness held out her hand,
Together we flew above the land.
Sweet freedom whispered into my ear,
come little bird, there is nothing to fear.

The Asian fairy queen nodded a big friendly smile,
as I settled beside her for a while.
She said, this is a fantasy, a magical show,
the purest childhood you'll ever know.
Cherish and keep it inside your heart folds,
for it all disappears once we grow old.
A journey through childhood precious like gold,
where wishes and dreams are ours to behold.

Then she pointed towards where the bluebirds whistle and fly,
then sprinkled her moon dust, and bid me goodbye.

Love, light, and happiness

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clute said...


I too have heard of the stories and been warned that the Asian girls will only marry you for the money. If I want that I might just as well marry a white woman. And I am not rich... ( the reason I am still single at age 32). So I have turned my attention to the east to find my soul mate.
I have seen the lady that I really would like to meat, but are to scared because what if I don't have enough money?

Anonymous said...

A dream come true :-)

~~ Sabre ~~ said...

Just thought I'd say hello and the blog is looking awesome as ever!

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tony said...

your blog is not only in very good taste but a delightful read for any discerning man looking for an asian partner or seeking some asian gf is filipina and I am still charmed by looking at your blog, though in no way do I disrespect my lady nor love her any less, your blog boosts my love....thank you

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