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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Beautiful Asian Girls

Off to a slow start this morning on posts so forgive me. I assure All that I will continue to post the prettiest and sexiest Asian and Thai girls that I can find. What is considered Adult or mature content? Where is the line drawn? I try to keep sex appeal and very beautiful Asian women while trying to stay within the US film ratings guide of what PG13 allows. Sexy but not too sexy. NO nudity, No profanity, No sexual content. Can some one help me find the guide so I can stay out of Adult and Mature and remain viewed. I took a film "American Pie" which is basically all about sex and a TV series "Bay watch" and tried to create a line to not cross. This was American pies rating world wide.
Malaysia:(Banned) (uncut version) / Malaysia:18PL (cut version) / Argentina:16 / Australia:MA / Belgium:KT / Canada:13+ (Quebec) / Canada:14 (Nova Scotia) / Canada:18A (Alberta/British Columbia) / Canada:18 (Nova Scotia) (unrated version) / Canada:AA (Ontario) / Canada:PA (Manitoba) / Chile:14 / Finland:K-12 / France:U / Germany:12 / Hong Kong:IIB / Iceland:12 (video rating) / Iceland:L (original rating) / Ireland:18 / Israel:16 / Japan:R-15 / Mexico:B15 / Netherlands:12 / New Zealand:R16 / Norway:11 / Peru:14 / Portugal:M/16 / South Korea:18 / Spain:18 / Sweden:Btl / Switzerland:12 (canton of Geneva) / Switzerland:12 (canton of Vaud) / UK:15 / USA:R (certificate #36525) / USA:Unrated (unrated DVD version) / Philippines:R-18 / Singapore:R(A) / Singapore:M18 (DVD rating)
What is considered Adult and Mature? Please help. I do not wish to cross this line.

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