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Friday, August 24, 2007

Sleepy Asian girls

I don't have any idea why I get requests for sleepy Asian Women but I will try keep them on here for you guys. These Asian girls look very sweet and shy. (I think I answered my own question above about why) I previewed the post and the sleepy Asian girls look very cute so maybe that was the reason for the requests.
Soft and squeezable very desirable Asian girl. One thing I must clear, if you are looking for porn you wont find it on this site. You will never see nude photos here nor will you find links to such material here. I try my best to find the classiest and most beautiful Asian and Thai girls to display here for you.
Her skin is so pretty it almost glows. Post some comments and let me know what you guys think, what you would like to see on here. I always enjoy reading comments and it also helps me learn English a little better. Also any suggestions to make this site better to give you the best possible Asian girls.

1 sexy girl comments:

tony said...

you ask why we request sleeping asian girls and the answer will be the same as our requesting any pics of the lovely women and it is the fresh beauty, the warmth in their smile, the glow of their skin and believe me thaidarling I am sure the majority of men who look at and subscribe to your feeds find there is far more sensuality with the women clothed, adding the mystique and aura they produce and that is the same reason why men are attracted to asian women to answer a later post, it is the ineer and outer beauty and their ability to love a man unconditionally....sorry for the long comment