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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dark skined Thai women

I hear so many Thai women who worry that their skin is too dark and search for methods to lighten it. It seems that it has become quite an obsession among Thais every store now carries creams, lotions and other miracle wonder potions to help lighten skin. What happened to make everyone think that skin color is so important. I feel dark skin is beautiful and I'm not just saying that because I'm Thai. I think white, white skin looks a bit sickly or peaked. Skin with color just seems to look more healthy. Maybe Thai girls just need to hear more often how beautiful their skin is and encourage them to be themselves.

3 sexy girl comments:

Billinparadise said...

I , along with many of my male friends, do not care about the tone of a girls skin colour we just find asian girls a lot more exotic looking and beautiful than western women,Also we have noticed the girls attitude to us is so different to what we are used to at home it is so refreshing and exciting,,please keep up the good work it is always a pleasure to see your site,,,Billinparadise ,,,Australia

Thaidarling said...

Thank you for wonderful comment. Sometime I am not sure if I make good site for you guys. When I read nice comment like yours I want to make site even better.

Anonymous said...

i have to say this kind of skin tone colour is beautiful. This thai woman is exceptional.