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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Pretty Asian girls feet

I am not really certain about this request, I hope I have done OK for Asian girls feet. I always thought of my feet as kind of ugly and always tried to hide them. I didn't know some people like to look at them. I won't dare ask why. I guess Asian girls feet are the same as any other woman's feet.
I think of my feet as another place to design my wardrobe. I have tiny little feet but they look OK I guess when my nails are painted to match my outfit. My feet give me another reason to shop too, so I guess that makes my little Asian feet kinda important.
Matching shoes can be a bit of a pain yet pleasurable from shopping. Wonder how hard it was to find the perfect shoe here for her dress? The shoes match perfectly. Believe it or not guys women put a lot of hard work into matching clothes.
With this Asian girls long sexy legs she accents the long legs with the over the ankle strap and tightens the toe grouping to give an even longer sleek appearance. Well that is about all I know about feet so please tell me why you guys like feet.

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