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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Classiy Asian Girls

Ok is this one the classic look? I think she is very pretty and has a wonderful figure. She looks very friendly and happy but most all Asian and Thai's are happy and smile allot. Its our nature :)

2 sexy girl comments:

Anonymous said...

I am sorry for not writing sooner, have been busy with a few projects and my computer crashed, am working on a friends laptop. I hope to have my main system up and running by the weekend or early next week.
I have noticed a change in your blogs, more pictures and less text. I would prefer to see like 3 maybe 4 ladies and more text. Do not get me wrong I do like looking at ladies, but can do that with any magazine. I enjoy your comments, views, and questions… make me smile. I really like writing to you, is very fun.
I would like to ask you a few questions. Some are about your website thaidarlings. All comments are very clean and rated pre 13 pg. They are meant to make you website stronger, I have found it already a very good website. I also would like to know if you would like to talk to my friend’s wife, they are both Thai. All I wish is for your permission to ask and make a few comments.
I have browsed you blog pages at length. One thing I do not understand is the fascination with Asian ladies feet. I have looked, and to me a foot is a foot, nothing more. I think you do a very good job with showing the average lady you might see in Thailand. The debate about which ladies are prettiest is mute. All countries have beautiful ladies, is all up to the individual viewing them. Here in America ladies are so bent on equality. They do not see a relationship, but rather a person as competion, someone to destroy and conquer. Asian ladies look at a man for what he is, not what he has. Yes they are aggressive in their goals and dreams, yet they never drop their feminity; they believe strongly in the family unit, something that is very refreshing. An Asian lady just oozes with feminity; they have pose, style, beauty, and class. Something Western women can only be jealous of, but never achieve.
Do you remember when you were a child? Your mother would give you a bath, the warm water touching you all over. Then she would pull you out and wrap you in soft, plush towels. You felt very content, warm, and cared for. There is a lady back a few pages that I would like to instill these feelings to. I often wonder if she realizes that she has a secret admirer. I would be tempted to write something like I have written below for her...

Have you ever found yourself wondering if you have a secret admirer? And if this person were the type of person who could cause you to just stop what you are doing and have a strong desire to find out more, would you perhaps do that instantly?
Now, I know that you may not be totally comfortable
with this now, yet I know that there is a part of you that allows yourself to realize that sometimes it just takes one
look from somebody to instantly become fascinated by this person. Someone who looks at you from afar, with out
you even realizing it, and can see the beauty. Someone who’s heart beats with every beat of your heart, who breathes
with every breath you take. Someone who you have always known is out there somewhere, yet you thought you would
never find him. A person who shares your thoughts, your dreams, and your passions. As I sit here at my keyboard,
my thoughts wonder to you, my dearest. As I am looking at the words I am writing now, I begin to picture my
eyes looking into yours, so deep, as though when I look into them I can feel the very essence of you deep inside. I speak to you while
you sleep. I call out to you, yet you have not heard me, yet. It’s a comforting and soothing voice, yet this voice may
cause you to become very aroused and causes you to pay close attention to my words. Instantly,
my thoughts wonder to how magical it would be if you were able to look into my eyes, and notice the same feelings begin
to come over you now. It may be like a spark, that slowly builds and builds into a fire, a flame of passion
spreading through each and every part of your body now. I know the loneliness you sometimes feel, as you go
through your daily routine. Like me, you long to find someone to fill that special place inside your soul, that
wondrous place where anything is possible and where dreams come true. Right next to the very center of who you
truly are. You don’t know yet who I am. However, you have always known me. I have visited you in your daily
thoughts, and at night in your dreams. I know all the desires and fantasies you have, yet do not share with anyone
I have watched for quite some time now. Sometimes when I see you, I stop, and imagine how wonderful it would feel to
hold you in my arms, even if just for a moment, and to feel our souls merge together as one. I wonder how
incredibly pleasurable it would be to touch you in the way you have always wanted to be touched, and begin to feel
the excitement and passion growing as I begin to kiss you ever so softly, in places that cause your whole body to quiver with excitement. I imagine the comfortable feeling of gently caressing
your face, your cheeks, running my fingers through your beautiful hair, softly rubbing my fingers across your lips.
Kissing your neck, down further to your sensual breasts, as the excitement builds even more, as you begin to desire
my kisses all over your body. Nothing else can satisfy you in this way. Now all these thoughts may even now be
penetrating your mind as conditions coalesce to create a sense of ecstasy and passion that you have known
is there, inside yourself on a very deep level. Now, you may be wondering who I am. I am the man who knows and
understands all of those fantasies you have. With me, I know how much you deeply desire to connect with someone
on a special level, someone who can touch the deepest part of your mind, body, soul, who causes you to
instantly awaken all those incredible feelings and sensations that you have had locked away for so long. You have
always looked for somebody to cause you to feel all those totally wondrous feelings, and to suddenly awaken all
those fantasies and desires that are deep inside your mind. Someone who can cause you to have all those fantastic
sensations spreading through your body now. Now I don’t know what it will be that happens in your daily life that
will cause you to think of me. Perhaps it will be simply driving in your car, the monotony of the road going past
that will cause you to suddenly picture me being with you, and to feel my touch on certain parts of you body, in a
way that causes you to want to just surrender to that overwhelming sense of passion. I find my thoughts drifting to
a time in the future where I will see you somewhere and you will recognize me. You will see it in my eyes. We
have crossed paths many times, yet you did not realize that you saw me. I wonder if you will the next time you see me? I truly hope so, as you are in my thoughts.

Love, passion, and happiness

Thaidarling said...

Your comments are always welcome. Forgive my English in not being so well that I may write as much as you. Sometimes when I am posting I do not know what I want to say but I know many look forward to seeing new ladies here. So I will post photos and not have too many words.
Readers questions and comments help me to find words. About the feet I am not so sure myself but for some reason some find feet amazing I guess in such ways as others look at bottoms, faces, breasts, chests, eyes etc...
I think is it is called a fetish if my dictionary correct.