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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Beautiful Thai Women

I was blessed with a wonderful comment last night. It was dropped deep within the blog I assume in hopes that it would go unnoticed yet searchable by google. I thought it best to bring it forward and made open for all to view. I did however edit the obscene words out and anything that I changed will be in BOLD This comment was placed as the following.
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Beautiful Thai women (1)
Thai women are not beautiful,and that is true for ... Thai women are not beautiful,and that is true for Asian women in general.You Asian chimpanzees are dark-skinned,slitty-eyed,short and have bad body odours,thanks to the immensely hot and humid conditions of Asian countries.I would much rather fornicate with women of my own kind,ie. tall Aryan women.You Asians smell like horse-pooh,and colour-wise you're the same (ie. you're as brown as horse-pooh). Why can't you monkeys just start a war with your neighbours so that all Asians will become extinct.I hate you slitty-eyed,brown and yellow-skinned chimpanzees,and I want to wipe you wankers off the face of the planet.This planet belongs to us,not you subhumans. Publish Reject (Anonymous) 12:05 AM (comment rejected at original drop point)

I think I will keep my personal thoughts and remarks to myself and simply allow my readers the chance to digest this and voice their own opinions.

1 sexy girl comments:

tony said...

such a comment can only be issued by someone of more limited intelligence and empathy for humanity, we all have personal tastes and desires but the majority keep any comment showing these tastes to themselves not hijack someone else's hard work to put them gf is filipina from ozamis city and she is the sweetest, sensual and open and honest girl I could ever wish to meet, my partner for life, and as such appreciate all in asian culture and society, but that said there are some aspects to the behavoir and attitudes of white caucasian women that I find disagreeable but I keep these thoughts to myself.
You are a sweet woman thaidarling and produce intelligent and enlightening posts on your blogs and hope that this comment does not dishearten you.
I am glad you posted this not deleted it, because to have deleted it would have played into his/her hands.
Let your loyal readers decide on it's verification but mere words are inadequate to comprehend such a comment.
My best wishes to you.