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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Mr. Donaldson and Thai Women

I want to start off by saying, Thank you, to all of my visitors and readers. After the last posts on the hate comment the same person was kind enough to send an email.
A big step from hiding in the shadows to drop a remark the first time. Not smart, but
none the less a big step. I believe he was looking obtain search engine status so now I will assist him and allow the entire world to what a wonderful man he is.
I post this email exact, other than my email address and the 1st letter of a certain word he has used frequently in the mail. I would not dare change too much of it, as to take away from such a highly intellectual person as Mr Donaldson appears to be.
(No Subject)
From: Simon Donaldson (
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Sent:Thu 9/06/07 3:32 AM

Thai -itches are slitty-eyed,yellow-skinned,short,smelly,intellectually-retarded Mongoloid -itches.Why people think Asian -itches are pretty is beyond me.Why do Asian -itches dye their hair blonde? Don't you realize that that look is inappropriate for slitty-eyed gooks?

Quite the email wouldn't you say? How does one respond to such intellectual depth? I suppose I should take them as they are listed.
Thai -itches, all of us girls can be -itches at times, some more so than others but it is certainly not a trait unique only to Thai. Slitty-eyed, well I'm not sure about this one, I have yet to see one, unless of coarse you are basing this from depictions of Asian through early versions of American and European film makers where as Asian were shown as nearly closed and squint eyed with a short choppy step and speaking the words "Aah Sow". Yellow-skinned, I have never seen one and yellow jaundice is very rare. Intellectually-retarded, I am just a simple Thai girl but I am smart enough to know "Hate" when I see it. Hate is disease that can spread like a virus if it is allowed hosts. I know that "Hate" is nothing more than fear. Fear of something or someone that you do not understand. Why do you fear me and other Asians Mr Donaldson? I am certainly nothing to fear and I would certainly never degrade another human being. I fear nothing therefore I hate nothing, including you Mr Donaldson. I myself will go on and continue my happy life with many friends from around the world while you are left to be devoured by your own hate.
Mongoloid -itches, all I can really say about this is... Thank you?
Why people think Asian -itches are pretty, ask my readers.
Why do Asian -itches dye their hair blonde? Why do women from around the world color their hair, or paint their nails? Mr. Donaldson, I think they call it "freedom of choice" but what would I know, I am mentally handicapped.

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