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Friday, October 5, 2007

Asian girls with sad eyes.

Sometimes I wonder what is on the minds of some of these Asian girls. This sweetheart looks a little sad. She is really cute though, even with her big sad eyes.
Asian girls naturally have big dark eyes and pouting lips so sometimes it is a bit difficult to tell if they are sad or just being cute and quiet. Foreigners constantly ask me if I am sad but I'm not. Im just shy and quiet, same as most all Thai women and Im sure other Asian girls too. Our society is at a much slower pace than those in the west.

2 sexy girl comments:

Anonymous said...

Hello Dee,

All through history eyes have held a total fascination with people. A whole mysterious cloak of rumors, myths, and superstitions has been built around eyes. Eyes are so alive and there are so many descriptive terms such as laughing eyes, bedroom eyes, sorrowful eyes, etc. It was believed that the eyes were the window to the soul. It is amazing how much can be conveyed with just the eyes. Sad eyes? She looks more like she has shy, demure eyes, eyes full of dreams.

Have you ever met someone with that look in their eyes that just said "underneath this person's, down inside is someone exciting and riveting" and you just have a feeling that you might like to get to know this person better. Or maybe it was like you could look so deep into their eyes and they just fascinated you because you couldn't quite place it but they just looked somehow so familiar. With me I have to *follow that feeling* when there's someone right in front of me with eyes like that... Wouldn’t anyone?

Love, light, and happiness

Anonymous said...

I think i want to divorce my wife and move to thailand as soon as possible. :)