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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Beautiful Thai Girls

I had to hurry up and post some pretty Thai girls, since my last post had content. Sorry I did not post yesterday I had some internet connection issues. I know that is hard to believe here in Bangkok. For any of you that have been here Im sure you understand. Also these girls are pretty much the type of girls you will see everywhere here. " Well Dee this post makes no sense, Thai girls in Thailand, Imagine that. Thanks for all the comments guys too. One thing about comments and keywords. Asian girls is a main keyword so the more comments that flow off topic increases the percentage of non relevant words. From what I have learned place a keyword in first sentence to identify the subject, place again mid way of article and last at the end. Sprinkle a few other similar words throughout and then you have a nice spider friendly post for Asian girls. Then all comments stay on topic "hint"

5 sexy girl comments:

Anonymous said...

Hello Dee,

I am very glad to see you back again, I missed you. The first pretty lady on your post reminds me so much of a lady I worked with a couple of years ago. Her name was Pookie and she was married and had 2 children. She was so nice. At least once a week she would make a big lunch and share it with everyone. I had a few things happen before I worked there and was a bit down. One day there was a song playing on the radio, don’t remember what it was now. I said hey that is nice, I like it. The next day she gave me a cd she had burned with the band and that song. I said wow thank you, how much do I owe you? She said don’t worry about it. The next day I made two balloon teddy bears and balanced a candy bar between them, she really liked it. It is kind of funny, everywhere I have worked and most people I know learn balloon twisting. I hadn’t done for a year or so but when I made the teddy bears for her, a few of the other employees wanted to learn. I have a standing deal. I will give them a pump, a bag of balloons, a book, a video, and any personal hints or tricks I know. They owe me lunch. Has worked out well and have taught many people how to make balloon animals. That photo brought back some memories. My memory and focus are still with the mystery lady buried so far back in the blog now. If she could only see me, if she only knew. I would probably write something to long to her that went along these lines;

Now, with your eyes closed, imagine that it is late on a warm summer’s night and that you are peacefully and comfortably resting inside a rosebud which is swaying gently in the soft breeze. If you accept each detail of the scene as I described it, without trying to think to critically, your imagination will be free to allow you to experience the situation just as if you were really there. So just let yourself relax completely now, inside this soft red rosebud, late on a warm summer night. You feel so comfortable resting there, snug and secure and nestled down among the petals of the flower.

You can feel the soft summer breeze gently caressing the outside of the bud. Just keep listening to the breeze, and as you continue to focus on the beauty and the peacefulness which is all around you. And as you continue to allow yourself to be guided by my voice, I am going to show you how to release your awareness for fullest flowing of your innermost desires.

There is a rustle of wind through the leaves, and as the soft, red petals around begin to stir, you can feel the breeze beginning to filter through to you as the bud prepares to open. Let yourself breathe slowly and deeply now, as you inhale the warm night air and your consciousness commences to expand and unfold along with the flower. The late night air is so pure, so fresh, and so crystal clear. Feel it entering your lungs, and feel the warmth of it entering your body as you awareness continues to expand. …in…out…in…out

As the bud begins to open, you look up and see that the sky is strewn with hundreds of blinking, bluish-white stars. As the bud expands more and more, your awareness is unfolding along with it. You continue breathing slowly, in and out, in and out, carrying this expanding awareness to every part of your body.

The rose petals are releasing a delicate perfume as the bud opens wider. Breathe in this joyous scent and follow its passage from your nostrils into your lungs. Let yourself become ever more aware of the rhythm of your breathing, as it carries you on to ever increasing sensations of your desires. With every breath you take, your consciousness drifts higher. With every breath you take, your consciousness is expanding, and your capacity for experience is becoming more exquisitely more sensitive.

The rose petals are expanding more rapidly now, and the bud is nearly open. As the bud continues to unfold, your feelings of joy and exaltation continue to expand along with it. You can feel your awareness continuing to grow, and your capacity for experience becoming greater and more intense than anything you have known before.

Now the blossom is fully open. The petals are extended as far as they will go, and your desire is in full flower. And everything you experience will be intensely pleasurable, and each of these new experiences will be greater and more profound than you ever thought possible.

Love, light, and happiness

Anonymous said...

Hello Dee,

I read you blog as I usually do. That is very confusing. It seems like google says one thing, but means another. I wish there were some way I could help you, that looks like a big headache that is going to take time to sort through get straight. I admire your tenacity and patience for the time you spend figuring this out. Tenacity and patience pay off at times, at least I am hoping it will work with the mystery lady buried so many pages back in the blog. Would be the ultimate to know how to contact her, to know her name, if she could only see me, if she only knew. I would be tempted to write something to long that would sound a lot like this;

Just relax now, and close your eyes. Imagine that it is late at night, and that we are lying on a sandy beach, on an island which we have all to ourselves. Just keep your eyes closed and relax completely on that sandy beach, late on a warm spring evening. Feel the gentle breeze blowing from the direction of the ocean, and smell the freshness of the salty night air.

As we listen to the sound of the waves gently breaking on the shore, you can just let go and relax completely. And as you continue to allow yourself to be guided by my voice, I am going to show you how to increase your innermost feelings and sensuality for the fullest possible enjoyment.

There is a bright, starlit sky overhead, broken here and there by patches of dark, grey clouds and an occasional shaft of moonlight. Now, as you continue to allow yourself to be guided by my voice, I am going to show you how to expand your awareness, letting it rise to a much higher level than ever before.

You are beginning to experience an intense feeling of passion. And with each passing second, your body becomes more sensitive and more responsive. And with each passing second, the more pleasant and the more beautiful the scene around you becomes.

It’s a wonderful sense of liberation which you are feeling now, as your capacity for becoming fulfilled is becoming freed for its fullest possible pleasure, and soon your entire body will be awakened. All of your perceptions will take on new and deeper qualities, and every sensation will be a new and exquisite experience.

The beauty and the joy of the scene around us continues to increase, as you feel your sensitivity expanding, more and more. And as you feel your senses begin to soar to ever greater heights. It’s such an ecstatic feeling, as your awareness continues to grow. And the more your sensation increases, the more exciting it all becomes, for your capacity for inner fulfillment is becoming infinitely greater than it could be at any other time.

Now you are beginning to enter into a totally new world. Soon all of your senses will be tuned to their highest possible pitch, and your entire capacity for experience will be greater than it was before. Your perceptions will be keener; you will discover new and greater experiences in everything you do, which will be even more exciting than you have ever had before.

Love, light, and happiness

Anonymous said...

Hello Dee,

I really was worried about you when you did not post for a few days. I did not realize that Thailand had such internet problems and to think you were dealing with all that hassle and red tape with google. Does not sound like you have been having any fun at all. I hope things brighten up for you, and you get a chance to relax. Would be nice if you could smile and be happy for a while. I know what would make me happy and smile, any information on the mystery lady, buried in the back pages of your blog. If she only saw me, or knew. I would do as I do and write something to long, something that went like this;

Now, with your eyes closed, imagine that you are sitting or lying inside the basket of a large hot air balloon. If you accept each detail of the scene as I describe it, your imagination will be free to allow yourself to experience the situation just as if you were really there. So just let yourself relax now, in that large wicker basket, with the balloon above you slowly filling.

It is a beautiful spring day; you can smell the sweet, fresh air of the surrounding meadow, laden with the gentle fragrance of wild flowers. You can hear the soft rustling of grass around the basket, and the song of birds in the distance. And as you feel the gentle breeze upon your face and the warm sun upon your skin, the balloon will begin to rise. And the higher you go, the greater your sensitivity will become.

I’m going to count from one to ten, and at the count of one the balloon is beginning to rise. And with each count it will go higher. And as it does, it will feel as if your mind is expanding along with it, until you are able to hold within your own consciousness and awareness of the entire Universe, and all its beauty.

Now the balloon is nearly full. And as it begins to rise, I will count, as your consciousness commences to expand.

One. As the balloon begins to rise, you are beginning to enter a new and different experience of awareness. You will find that you begin to experience very pleasant feelings of increased sensitivity.

Two. You are beginning to enter a higher level now, as your body becomes more sensitive and more responsive with every word that I speak.

Three. As the balloon continues to rise, you can feel the basket gently swaying in the breeze, rocking you back and forth as it does, and you can hear the sound of the wind blowing in gentle bursts as you continue to float up and up.

Four. Your perceptions are becoming keener as you float on, higher and higher. It’s such a pleasant feeling as you drift on, and on, and as your awareness expands more, and more, and more.

Five. As you continue to rise higher and higher, you can feel the balloon swaying and turning in the breeze, as you drift on, high above the earth. And the higher you go, the more your ability to experience pleasure expands as well.

Six. As you feel your consciousness expanding more and more, you are feeling and ever-growing sense of joy as you experience all of your senses being tuned to their highest possible pitch—yet it is pleasurable in every way.

Seven. It’s a wonderful feeling of liberation which you are experiencing now. And by the time I get to the count of ten, you will have reached the peak of your potential. Your perceptions will take on new qualities, and they will possess a greater depth of reality than anything you have known previously.

Eight. You can feel yourself drifting up, into the sky now, banging on the very edge of space. Soon you will be able to travel on by yourself, into new directions, with only my voice to guide you. As the balloon continues to rise, the feeling of joy continues to increase, as you feel your capacity for experience becoming infinitely keener.

Nine. All the way up into the sky now, and ready to travel on into new directions of passion and desire.

Ten. Now, you are ready. And while you remain in this utter blissful state, all your perceptions will be infinitely sensitive, and you will feel total liberation and intense pleasure as we explore each other together. You will be more intense, more exciting, and more aware than ever before. Leaving you feeling completely fulfilled and totally loved.

Love, light, and happiness

Anonymous said...

Hello Dee,

I know you get so many comments in your blog, must be difficult to keep up with. I imagine you get a ton of e-mails as well. All of this on top of doing your own research and trying to figure out how to make it all work. Most of my comments are requests for any shred of information about the mystery lady. Granted I write opinions, observations, and insights as well. Any information on the mystery lady, like maybe contact details or something would be greatly appreciated. My comments are generally long, granted they are not dull. This one is slightly different. If she could only see me, if she only knew.

I am a kind, caring, sensitive, warm hearted person who is looking for a pretty, warm hearted Asian lady with similar chemistry, that when mixed will produce a bang that is powerful, passionate, and exploding with vibrant, electric emotions in and all around us. Qualities I seek are honesty, openness, faithfulness, adventurous, playful, and friendly. All of this in someone who is will to share life’s experiences while building a rock solid foundation for marriage. Is that really to much to ask?

How do I start?
Where do I begin?
There is so much to tell,
So much to get in.

I want to spend time together,
Walking along the sea,
Or we could sit by the fire, just you and me.

We ca climb the mountains,
And watch the sun grow dim
We’ll stand by each other,
Even when times become grim.

So much promise
Is held within your eyes,
Yet it may all be for not,
If I cannot strip my guise.

How can I say,
How much you mean?
There is so much risk,
To much is unseen.

Can I find the courage,
The strength to communicate?
It would be so easy
If I knew you wanted to participate.

There is a whole world waiting,
It is out there for both of us,
If only we could talk sometime,
And create a deeper trust.

Hopefully, everything will be okay,
And no sorrows will appear.
And after all is said and done,
We can look at what we have here.

Love, light, and happiness

Thaidarling said...

Thank you so much for always making all your Asian girls comments. You are a wonderful reader and friend. I would like for you to read this same post again and please take into consideration the last sentence.
When I get big Asian girls comments without containing keywords like asian girls and thai girls it makes me drop in search engine. I love to always read your words they are beautiful, can you please add words "Asian girls" to your comments it make my work not so hard :) Love Dee