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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Beautiful Asian Girls

I think these Asian girls are adorable, soft, cute and sexy. These are the kind of girls you just can not help but to fall in love with. Someone had asked me about internet here in Bangkok. Yes were are fairly modern in a lot of ways but not complete high tech. DSL still has a few bugs here and there and late afternoon when all the children are playing video games a message in a bottle is actually faster than the net. Asian girls are very happy that we have what we have though, we not complain or sad, we learn to adjust and always smile.

3 sexy girl comments:

Anonymous said...

Hello Dee,

I was looking through your blog of beautiful asain ladies. Always in good taste and display. The 3 asain ladies you choose are very cute. The first asian lady. with a pink top and turquoise shorts is really pretty in her poses. The second asian lady in a shiny pink swinsuit has pretty facial features, the background is a bit to dark, so the asian lady does not pop as much as she could. The last asian lady, with her demure little smile and her sparkling eyes is just flat out adorable. That is a very nice picture of an asian lady.

I don't know when, I only know that I will be going to Thailand soon. I look forward to meeting thai ladies. I would actually like to meet you, perhaps lunch or something. Nothing big would just love to talk to you. I enjoy you blog on thai and asian ladies. I read what you write to me. Think it would be nice to meet the asian lady behind the blog.

Actually I think the mystery asian lady is thai. I thnk she lives in chiangmai. I do know that this mystery asian lady is buried back in the pages of the blog. This particular asian lady has caught and held me interest for quite some time now. If I could get any information about this asian lady, like maybe contact information or such. This asian lady is incrediable, if only she could see me, if she only knew. Please Dee.

Love, light, and happiness

Anonymous said...

Hello Dee,

I really was worried about you when you did not post on beautiful Asian ladies for a few days. I did not realize that Thailand had such internet problems and to think you were dealing with all that hassle and red tape with google. Does not sound like you have been have been a smiling Asian girl at all. I hope things brighten up for you, and you get a chance to relax. Would be nice if you could smile and be happy for a while, the smile on a pretty again lady is the most beautiful thing in the world. I look back at what I wrote, an earlier post links perfectly with this one, on the hot, beautiful Asian lady blog. I know what would make me happy and smile, any information on the mystery Asian lady, buried in the back pages of your blog. If she only saw me, or knew. I would do as I do and write something to long, something that went like this; Dee, it is not easy for me to remember to sneak in key words. I am trying and know that I will get better at it. Please do not just glance over the writings, there is something there. It is my request for any info on the hot, beautiful, mystery Asian Lady buried back in your blog of pretty Asian ladies. I would really like something like an e-mail for the Mystery Asian lady or something like that.

Now, Mystery Asian lady, with your eyes closed, imagine that you are sitting or lying inside the basket of a large hot air balloon. If you accept each detail of the scene as I describe it, your imagination will be free to allow yourself to experience the situation just as if you were really there. So just let yourself relax now, in that large wicker basket, with the balloon above you slowly filling.

It is a beautiful spring day in Asia, you can smell the sweet, fresh air of the surrounding meadow, laden with the gentle fragrance of wild flowers. You can hear the soft rustling of grass around the basket, and the song of birds in the distance. And as you feel the gentle breeze upon your face and the warm sun upon your skin, the balloon will begin to rise. And the higher you go, the greater your sensitivity will become.

Mystery Asian lady, I’m going to count from one to ten, and at the count of one the balloon is beginning to rise. And with each count it will go higher. And as it does, it will feel as if your mind is expanding along with it, until you are able to hold within your own consciousness and awareness of the entire Universe, and all its beauty.

Now the balloon is nearly full. And as it begins to rise, I will count, as your consciousness commences to expand.

One. As the balloon begins to rise, you are beginning to enter a new and different experience of awareness. You will find that you begin to experience very pleasant feelings of increased sensitivity.

Two. You are beginning to enter a higher level now, as your body becomes more sensitive and more responsive with every word that I speak.

Three. As the balloon continues to rise, you can feel the basket gently swaying in the breeze, rocking you back and forth as it does, and you can hear the sound of the wind blowing in gentle bursts as you continue to float up and up.

Four. Your perceptions are becoming keener as you float on, higher and higher. It’s such a pleasant feeling as you drift on, and on, and as your awareness expands more, and more, and more.

Five. As you continue to rise higher and higher, you can feel the balloon swaying and turning in the breeze, as you drift on, high above the earth. And the higher you go, the more your ability to experience pleasure expands as well.

Six. As you feel your consciousness expanding more and more, you are feeling and ever-growing sense of joy as you experience all of your senses being tuned to their highest possible pitch—yet it is pleasurable in every way.

Seven. It’s a wonderful feeling of liberation which you are experiencing now. And by the time I get to the count of ten, you will have reached the peak of your potential. Your perceptions will take on new qualities, and they will possess a greater depth of reality than anything you have known previously.

Eight. You can feel yourself drifting up, into the sky now, banging on the very edge of space. Soon you will be able to travel on by yourself, into new directions, with only my voice to guide you. As the balloon continues to rise, the feeling of joy continues to increase, as you feel your capacity for experience becoming infinitely keener.

Nine. All the way up into the sky now, and ready to travel on into new directions of passion and desire.

Ten. Now, you are ready. And while you remain in this utter blissful state, all your perceptions will be infinitely sensitive, and you will feel total liberation and intense pleasure as we explore each other together. You will be more intense, more exciting, and more aware than ever before. Leaving you feeling completely fulfilled and totally loved.

Now, Mystery Asian lady
You are about to transported
To greater heights of pleasure
Than you ever dreamed possible
As you continue soaring
Higher and higher,
You are already beginning
To breathe more rapidly
In anticipation
Of the joys which will soon be yours,
For soon your entire being
Will be quivering with pleasure
And tingling with delight.

As you continue soaring
Higher and higher,
Your ability to respond
To experience of every kind
Is becoming infinitely keener
Your entire body
Is becoming exquisitely more sensitive
And more responsive
With every touch of my hand.

You are beginning to breathe
Even faster now,
As your capacity for experience
Multiples itself over and over.
And the higher you go
The higher you want to go
And the greater the effects of my words become.

And as your entire body
Continues to grow more sensitive
And more responsive
With every touch and caress,
You are also becoming more free,
More open,
And more responsive
To every type of joy.
You are becoming totally
And completely free,
As your responsiveness continues to grow
And your breathing becomes still faster
In anticipation of the joys
Which will soon be yours.

And the higher you go
The higher you want to go
And the stronger the effects of my words become.

And now,
As your responsiveness and sensitivity
Continue to increase
Within an atmosphere of total freedom,
We are continuing to release
All of the vast, untapped resources
Of feeling and emotion
Which lie within you,
Probing the depths of your innermost self
And releasing every wonderful, positive
For your exquisitely tuned body
To savor and experience to the fullest.
And the higher you go,
The higher you want to go
And the greater the effects of my words become.

Great waves of pleasure, ecstasy, and delight
Are gushing forth
From the innermost depths of you being
Like water from behind a trapped dam,
As your breathing comes still faster
And your heart begins to pound.

You are being guided
All the way to the peak of you potential
By the sound of my words
And the feel of my caresses.
And as you continue soaring ever higher,
You will feel wave after wave of ecstasy
Welling up from the depths of your being
And rolling endlessly forth
Like breakers upon an ocean shore.

Each successive wave,
As it comes crashing forth,
Will carry you higher,
Leaving you ever more sensitive
And more responsive
To the one which is to follow.

And the higher you go,
The higher you want to go
And the stronger the effects of my words become.

And when we finally fuse together
And become one,
The waves of joy
Will come faster and faster
Until they finally blend together
Into one vast tide
Which will carry you up to an ultimate
Crest of ecstasy,
Leaving you happy, fulfilled,
And flooded with bliss.

Love, light, and happiness

Anonymous said...

Dear Dee

You are so right. One can't really help except to fall in love with such beautiful and sexy girls. Take for example the girl in the shiny pink swimsuit. She looks so innocent and yet so stunningly beautiful. Her eyes have a message and I won't blame any man who falls in love with her. I am sure that if I spend some time with this girl and get to know her, I will definitely end up having her as my wife.

These asian girls have wonderful toned but sexy figures, nice, long, straight silky hair, smooth and soft skin and one can go on. Add to that their simple nature, what else would a man want. From my experience of visiting Thailand thrice starting as an adolescent to now a matured man and spending time with so many Thai girls, I can tell you that a man feels being in heaven when he is with these girls. That is why you can see so many western men leaving behind their white women and making a beeline to Thailand for these women.

Please keep giving us such beautiful Asian and Thai girls. You are doing a great service to us, men.