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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sexy Asian Girls

This Asian girls post was a little slow again due wonderful Internet issues. I will be adding a couple more different Internet connections to make more redundant. I

know how many of you feel when you do not see new Asian girls when you visit the blog. I will be adding some beautiful Indian girls to the blog as well. I have had several requests so if anyone has nice photos they would like to add please email them too me from my email in the comments area.

2 sexy girl comments:

Anonymous said...

Dear Dee

This is not fair. You were off for three days and after such a long time you only posted two girls. We certainly deserve more beautiful and sexy asian girls.

Please try and make up in your next post.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dee,

Very good choices on your pick of Asian ladies on your last 3 posts, they are beautiful Asian ladies.

Tue Oct 16: You had 2 Asian ladies. The first one look so similar to a Thai lady I worked with a few years back. Soft skin, silky, long, jet black hair, and a very warm smile. The other lady was a bit darker, with wavy hair. She is so captivating, an incredible smile, very expressive eyes and a nice toned Asian body that just oozes mysterious, alluring, feminity that Western ladies strive for, but can not capture. I noticed that she had tattoos. Is that common among Thai/Asian ladies? I would think with skin that smooth and flawless the last thing she would want to do is put tattoos on it. What is your, and other reader views of tattoos on Asian ladies?

Thur Oct 18:. A very nice selection of Asian ladies. I really liked the very last picture. She is just so adorable. Bright smile that would make you melt. Shiny hair outlining her pretty face. Just a pretty Asian lady who looks so happy.

Sun Oct 24: You posted 2 Asian ladies. The first Asian lady was a very excellent choice. You have her displayed in a variety of pictures. Some of her poses and the way she holds herself hauntingly reminiscent of the Mystery Asian Lady. The post made me smile. It was done well with class, and an exquisite display of a beautiful Asian lady.

As in all my posts it would not be complete without some kind of writings and what not about the Mystery Asian lady. Tue, July 24th, 2007 at 4:03 pm the benchmark of your blog was posted. Yes the Mystery Asian lady. The post by which all other posts are measured. Opened the flood gates to my heart, and has me enraptured. Dee, what steps would it take to find info on the Mystery Asian Lady? I would love to e-mail her. I have taken to calling her the Asian Angel, will that work as a keyword? I started calling the Mystery Asian lady that because I wrote this poem for her. If she could only see me, if she only knew.

The Asian Angel dances alone on the clouds,
Feathers drift away gracefully,
Showing the sheer elegance and simplicity of her dance.
There is no music for her to follow,
For she follows her own tune.

Her pure white gown flows with her every twirl and step,
Adding even more beauty to her serene movements.
Gentle, liquid brown eyes begin to twinkle,
This is her love.

She gracefully throws her arms out,
A simple, pure wooden staff materializes into one.
It adds rhythm to this soundless dance.

Colorful, vivid beads hang from the edge of her dress
They sway with every action,
Following her every movement.

And suddenly,
The dance begins to slow.
The staff disappears and her dress slowly loses its enchantment.
She slowly falls to the ground in a ball.

For now,
The Asian Angel sleeps.
The mere love she has just experienced is enough to supply her
Until she dances again.

Love, light, and happiness