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Friday, November 16, 2007

Sexy Asian girls

I wanted to post more normal everyday Asian girls and these Thai ladies are exactly what you would see here everyday. They are cute and sweet aren't they? Do you think you could fall in love with a girl like one of these? You can find girls just like these here. Don't think you have to be rich and young and rich to marry a beautiful Asian girl. Most of these sexy girls look for a man that is older, mature and stable. Looks and money are not the highest priority but stability and faithfulness is. So even if your thinking you couldn't but in all actuality you really could, so give some of the Asian girls a try and see for yourself.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Dee,

This post is going to be different than other posts I have written. Don’t worry I will still mention Asian girls as much as I can, as I know that is important to you. All of my posts have hinted subtly about the mystery Asian lady, the last few have actually been sincere requests for information about her. My last post was a deep, heart felt plea for help concerning any information about her. I see it was not read so I am reposting it here. Dee, please help me with this, as this is very important to me.

Now comes the mandatory part of my posts and e-mails. Yes I refer to of course the mystery Asian lady. She still has me mesmerized after all this time. Roughly 5 months has rolled by. Meanwhile she has inspired me beyond what I could do normally can do. My writing has soared, my creativity has been pouring out and I have been genuinely happy. What is really amazing is the mystery Asian lady does not see me, nor know who I am, if she only could see, if she only knew. I also do not know the mystery Asian lady, not even her name, although it would not surprise me if it were Aphrodite. 5 months that we could have chatted and gotten better acquainted. Dee, please help me on this one, do not let what could be turn into what never was. I have no where else to turn, I think you know her, have seen her on your blog. Again, please Dee. Are you afraid that I will drift away from your blog? Rest assured you are my friend and it is a pleasure to write, that will not fade away.

A thousand years and deep inside
the mysteries are still alive
carried here from far off lands
far beyond the sea and sand
a place that’s lost amid the mists
a place where fairy dust exists.

Heralded by the rising moon
across the dreamy starry sky
upon a fire-winged dragon flew
an exotic Asian fairy with almond shaped chocolate eyes!

Deep into that fearful night
I crossed into her fiery domain
and heard the din of fairy war
from deep within a volcanic core.

She brandished there a brazen sword
inlaid with emeralds and tempered steel
and all the dangers she ignored
and to the battle racing toward
made the night air seem unreal.
Long they fought, long it raged
fairies fell and fairies waged
their hellish nightmare of the night
and on into the following day.

The battle done, the battle won
I found my way unto the plains
among the fairy dead I spied
the exotic Asian fairy with almond shaped chocolate eyes!

I dress her wounds, quenched her thirst,
and upon the battlefield there burst
her fairy love, her fairy family,
and in their eyes soft tears began.

They held her tight, she offered a smile,
then fell into a peaceful sleep.
Her fairy family then thanked me there
and gave me fairy dust to keep.

As they flew off, I marveled thus
at what has just transpired there-
an exotic Asian fairy with almond shaped chocolate eyes
carried back to a dragon’s lair
the fairy war, the fairy family
who held the exotic Asian fairy’s hand
and thanked me with this fairy dust.

Ok got that out of the way. Let’s move to recent posts of beautiful Asian girls. The last few posts have shown a wide variety of gorgeous Asian girls.

Wed. Nov. 14
The pretty Asian girl in the red top and blue jeans is a beautiful Asian girl. She looks so seductive with her shiny jet black hair, sun kissed, flawless skin that positively glows. Add to that a luscious smile and an inviting view of her endowments. A beautiful Asian girl with a combination that captures and attracts men from all places.

The pretty Asian girl in the white blouse. She looks so sweet, innocent, and pure. The other photos show she has a nice, toned body that enhance her already so lovely feminity.

The last pretty Asian girl looks like she would like to naughty for someone, dressed so enticingly in lingerie. I think she is lonely and all she can only do it for herself and hope.

All 3 of these Asian girls look sweet and adorable. Made me think hmmmm and let my imagination run wild.

Thur Nov 15
The pretty Asian girl in the white top and little else. The photos show her in various stages of undress. Her dark skin and eyes would entice many men to fall for her very easily.

The pretty Asian girl in the yellow top and bikini bottom. Beautiful long, shiny, jet black hair. Sweet, pouty red lips. A warm smile. A very lovely Asian lady.

The last pretty Asian lady. Nude beautiful Asian girl on the beach, the waves pounding the shore in the background. Sun glistening off the water drops that cover her firm, toned shapely body. Her dark hair wet and wind blown draping around her. Full pouty lips and smooth, flawless skin. Wet, wild, and wicked, I do not think any man could resist her charms.

All 3 of these pretty Asian girls are beautiful. Their shy, demure, exotic look attracts men from the West. The Asian look so erotic, yet down play that side of their allure. They are down to earth ladies with a simple, gentle outlook on life. Yes these Asian beauties could blow away any porn queen, yet their soft innocence make them very humble in spite of their beautiful looks. If this is a small sample of beautiful Asian ladies I would like to see a bigger sample

Fri. Nov 16
The first pretty Asian girl in a white top. Shiny, jet black hair. Her skin is very smooth and she has a warm smile. She looks very inviting in the bedroom setting

The next pretty Asian girl. She is wearing a dress. As the photo sequence progresses she takes it off. It is done very tastefully. She has pretty hair and a toned body.

The last 3 posts have shown a wide variety of very beautiful Asian girls. You show everything from shy and demure to sultry, sexy, and seductive. I truly enjoy the blog, not only do you show pretty Asian girls but you add your comments, views, and opinions. The personal touch is what makes the blog truly special I hope you continue to post pretty Asian girls and make insightful comments.

This post started with a powerful call for help concerning the mystery Asian lady. She is truly a gem and stands out over the other ladies you have in your blog. I really would appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you Dee.

Gossamer wings
flutter in the wind,
clothed in the beauty of a Morning Glory,
her hair jet black hair beautiful as it
flows in the air as she flies,

stops to drink a drop of
the morning's dew,
a brief rest for her job
is not done,

she flutters, butterfly like, in the air,
spreading pollen from flower to flower,
she works hard through the day

when dusk comes, she flies home
to her flower, tired from the day's work,
wrapping up in the soft petals
she falls fast asleep,

tomorrow is another day and
her work is never done,
there is always another
flower waiting its turn
to bloom.

Love, light, and happiness

Kingston said...

sexy girl and great blog !
Well done ~