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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Adorable Asian girls

When you are looking for the perfect Asian girls for brides I think many men have visions of Asian girls like these two. They have an adorable quality that just grabs your imagination and heart. I love the shy look and sexy softness they display. Asian girls like these are not rare in fact there are so many looking for men for marriage and not enough men to go around.

2 sexy girl comments:

Anonymous said...

Hello Dee,

The current post has 2 pretty Asian girls. The first Asian girl looks so innocent and sweet. She has a shy, demure quality about her. She has long hair and a pixie like smile. She is truly adorable. An excellent choice
The second Asian girl is sexy. She is wearing an almost nothing black bikini. It shows her well toned body nicely. Both of these Asian girls are quite lovely and make many men smile.

I noticed in the comments that you said there were more pretty Asian girls than men. If that is the case then why is it impossible to get any information about the mystery Asian lady? I have asked in all my posts. I have even come and point blank asked. She can not see me and does not know, if she only knew. I do not know her, not even her name. I could not send her a card or a flower for Christmas no matter how much I would like to. Dee, please help me with this.

The light hearted fairy, lay upon the lily pad,
Dreaming of the day he would find, the love he never had.
Landing next to him, an exotic mystery Asian fairy, cute as she could be.
just one look and he wanted to say, will you marry me.

He asked her name, where she lived, then she flew away,
wanting to write her a letter, not knowing what to say.
He sat down with a magic pen, and much to his delight,
the pen stood up by itself, then the pen began to write.

Upon the paper the pen wrote, romantic poetry.
it wrote words of love and forever, for her eyes to see.
He flew to her house, set on the door with a bouquet,
first he knocked on her door, and then he quickly ran away.

As the exotic mystery Asian fairy read the poem, her heart just started pounding,
the words were quite beautiful, and they were quite astounding.
She quickly flew to the lily pad, to find who wrote these words of love,
guided into his arms, by soft wind currents up above.

She said, I love what you wrote for me, will you write me more,
please write it just as lovely, as the poem you wrote before.
Stood the magic pen upon the paper, now let me think,
aha , inspired by love again, the magic pen poured out words with magic ink.

Love, light, and happiness

thai sexy girls said...

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