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Monday, November 19, 2007

Sexy girls

It is always hard deciding which girls to post because there are so many wonderful Asian girls to choose from. Each of them are unique and special in their own ways. Some just seem to grab you and hold on to your imagination. Sweet an innocent looking girls, erotic and sexy, captivate men from all over the world.I don't think it matters if Thai girls, Filipino girls, Chinese ladies sexy Japanese girls, there are beautiful and sexy Asian girls in every Asian country.

1 sexy girl comments:

Anonymous said...

Hello Dee,

I will start by saying that the mystery Asian lady is still heavily on my mind. I would truly appreciate any information in order to communicate with her, please help me Dee.

Your recent post runs the gamut from sweet, innocent looking Asian ladies to sultry, erotic, seductive Asian ladies. The Asian girl in red and the Asian girl in the blue silk dress looks so sweet. They have long jet black hair and toned bodies. They have that innocent that makes them tempting to the majority of Western men. The lady in black tight fitting bottom garment is very sexy. Long satin hair streaming down her slim tight body. The Asian girl in the white bra has a lovely smile. Her hair is glossy and falls in such away to outline her face. The Asian girl in the polka dot bra and the Asian lady on the polka dot floor are very pretty ladies. They have distinct curves and lovely endowments which are very appealing to the eye. I can see why you choose this batch of ladies. A very good representation of what many Western men expect to find when they go to Thailand. I like lovely Asian ladies and look forward to seeing so many when I go to Thailand.

As much as I like Asian girls, there is one who has major influence me and caught my eye. Yes, Dee I refer to the mystery Asian lady. I so much would like any information on her. She can not see me, doesn’t know I exist, if she only knew. I also know nothing of the mystery Asian lady. I do not even know her name. I could not send her Christmas cards or flowers. I have asked so many times. Please help me Dee.

May you on this day,
Feel happy and say,
Moments of the day,
Make me go, Ha Ha!

Stroking into your heart,
throwing sorrows apart,
Spreading cool in your heart,
Making you say, Ha Ha!

The breezes touching you,
The wishes kissing you,
The laughters tickling you,
Making you laugh, Ha Ha!

While writing your laughter,
When I noticed there after,
Page reflected your laughter,
Making me go, Ha Ha!

Love, light, and happiness