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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sexy girls Golfing

I guess playing golf can cause you to work up a sweat as this Asian girl has. So what better way to cool off than to go for a swim and relax by the pool. From the looks of things Sexy girls can get a little hot in other ways from golf too. That never happened to me out there though. I doubt you would ever see anything like this while playing golf with Asian girls. These sexy girls photos where taken in a control environment and in no way in the public eye. I hope you enjoy them , its my treat for not posting in a while. I had many emails and comments to continue the high resolution photos of Asian girls so I will try my best to you the best possible quality I can.

2 sexy girl comments:

Anonymous said...

Hello Dee,

Are you doing ok? I have not seen any pretty Asian ladies posted for a bit. I know you will post some beautiful Asian ladies soon for your loyal readers. I am highly in favor of having high definition photos of the pretty Asian ladies, it makes them pop and shine, adds an extra slice of beauty to already beautiful Asian ladies. I like looking through your blog at all the amazing Asian ladies, there have been some that have caused my jaw to hit the floor, Wow what an incredible collection of really hot Asian ladies. I also browsed through your site, Thai darlings and found some very pretty Asian ladies. You do such an excellent job of photo layouts of pretty Asian ladies.

I have watched your blog for a while now. I have seen constantly evolving, coming up with new and exciting ways to display pretty Asian ladies. I feel that high definition photos of beautiful Asian ladies would be a logical step. I clicked on each of the post pretty Asian lady 8 times or so, I hope it helps and I hope other readers did the same. I am looking forward to seeing the beautiful Asian ladies you post and reading your comments, views, thoughts, and opinions. I enjoy them and find them very refreshing.

As per usual no post from me would be complete without some mention of the mystery Asian lady. A high definition photo of this Asian lady would be the ultimate. I am still very intrigued the mystery Asian lady, yet she doesn’t see me or even know how much she has inspired me. I don’t know the mystery Asian lady, not even her name. Is it really that hard to find any information about the mystery Asian lady and to communicate with her? Please Dee, help me with this. I have written a little poem for her. I hope she likes, I hope she sees it.

Grace wings
Reflecting love
Of freedom, the painting
Nature symbolic of legends
~ Beauty’s twirl ~
Legends of symbolic nature
Painting the freedom of
Love reflecting
Wing’s grace

Love, light, and happiness

Anonymous said...

Wow, the guy above me Is a little creepy. Just want you to know all your readers aren't like that... although to each his own I guess.