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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Asian Sexy Girls

Sexy girls come in all shapes and sizes, but on this blog our favorite are the sexy girls of Asian countries. I am sure you guys will enjoy these high resolution photos.
I know I just had her on but she is so hot, or at least I think she is. She is cute and has a very innocent look yet very sexy. I enjoy working with Asian girls like this one because i feel like this is the type most men are looking to meet.

1 sexy girl comments:

Anonymous said...

Hello Dee,

I can see why you choose this pretty Asian lady again. She looks sweet and innocent, yet she subtly shows she is a sexy lady. It is nice to work with a pretty Asian lady that you have rapport with; it makes things go more smoothly and produces incredible photos, as you have shown. I am glad that you are coming back slowly and not pushing yourself to hard.

The variety of pretty Asian ladies in your blog is spectacular. You show beautiful Asian ladies from all walks of life, from movie stars and singers to just everyday Asian ladies. I like the way so many different types of Asian ladies are shown so tastefully and artistically. The Asian ladies on the blog keep getting prettier. You have such a talent for showing pretty Asian ladies, and keep the format looking new and fresh.

The current posted pretty Asian looks so innocent, you have managed to show a sweet, natural Asian lady but make her look so beautiful and seductive, adding the high definition really makes her stand out. I was very impressed with this pretty Asian ladies post, a stunning introduction to going with high definition photos.

As has become my trademark for my posts and e-mails they would not be complete without bringing up the mystery Asian lady. Yes I still consider her to be absolutely stunning. Perhaps I walk on the clouds with stars in my eyes. But the mystery Asian lady has inspired me so much. She can not see me, or what I write. I wish she could, if she only knew. I also do not know the Asian mystery lady; I do not even know her name. Is it really so hard to find out any information about the mystery Asian lady. What would I have to do in order to communicate with her?

Thoughts to the mind, feelings to the heart say,
Beneath every despair, there's hope, come what may.

Oh mystery Asian lady,
the moist sugar of your red strawberry lips
has my heart hypnotized

Dewdrop of your mysterious love enters my pores
Like sugar in succulent caramel,
the bitterness of my emotions melt.

Sometimes I stand in the emptiness scanning the wind
Searching and fitting on each and every woman's rib
biding on life highest bid
Hoping at last I find my missing rib inside of you nursing

Love is blind and without a face
I'm not skeptical for I do believe
fate well preserves us with a place to stay
long live the spirit that exhales in serene bliss

I feel you inside of me like a living breath
Each time I inhale you, I catch spring butterflies
and each time you exhale out of me,
my heart becomes crown of dead flies

Tears stain my pillow where I rest my head
each time I come home to find you not there
I turn the radio and listen to soft melody
emptiness and loneliness slowly drown me in more tears

I hold on to my pillow like a teddy bear
As my eyes spin and spin watching the fan hanging up from the ceiling
You call out of the blue, and my heart absorbs your ray from afar
and once you hang up the phone, I'm back to the living nightmare

I smell your fragrance each time the wind blows
Yet I do not have a glimpse of your amazing face
Although you are far, Yet I believe
The day we meet, heaven's gate will bow low

Skittles of all colors will fall down
rainbow of love will drink liquor in our palms
Just you and I mystery Asian lady
Just you and I, love actually... mystery Asian lady.

Love, light, and happiness