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Monday, November 12, 2007

Sexy Girls of Asia

Well for those of you that wanted close up photos of Sexy Asian girls I am sure you will not be able to find any much closer than these are. Click the images and just see how close they are. She is beautiful and she is sexy. She has an incredible and adorable face and even I get kind of lost while looking at her. I am not sure how these are downloading on your end but even if they take a few seconds I think you will find that this Asian girls photos are well worth the wait. It is getting close to the holidays so this sexy girl with her wide variety of poses will let your imagination go wild. I do hope to see more comments on this sexy girls posts, I want to know how many of you guys actually kissed your monitors while looking at her.

1 sexy girl comments:

Anonymous said...

Hello Dee,

Wow the high definition photos of the pretty Asian lady are so realistic, could have sworn she was in the room with me. I noticed that you used the same pretty Asian lady in high definition photos and why not, she is very pretty, camera friendly, a whole variety of looks, from sweet and innocent to innocently seductive. She has beautiful, shiny black hair, liquid black orbs that you can look into forever. She has a very nice body, and she holds herself with class and dignity, this pretty Asian lady puts it all together in a package the Western women strive for but can never capture.

The current pretty Asian lady has such a range of poses that I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite, and look forward to what you post of this pretty Asian lady. I enjoy looking through the blog, page after page jammed packed with beautiful Asian ladies. Your insightful comments are also very uplifting, that is what really sets the blog apart from others, the personal comments and interaction with loyal readers.

I hope you are feeling better. It is very nice to see pictures of pretty Asian ladies and read your comments. I look forward to each new post, it always makes me smile. You always do such an excellent job of posting beautiful Asian ladies.

No post would be complete without my trademark. Yes I am referring to the mystery Asian lady. She has caught my eye and I still get a surge of inspiration from her. She does not see me, nor has any idea who I am. I do not know the mystery Asian lady, not even her name. Dee please help me. What does it take to be able to communicate with her?

Mystery Asian lady you have captured my thoughts
Like the waves that spray against the rocks
Currents of feelings that cannot hide
I would embrace our talks with the respect that won't die
Although I have never met you
I feel you been around all my life
The ease of our relationship I can't deny
Like the softness of your voice
That calms the inner soul
One day I trust we will meet
To complete those wondering thoughts

Love, light, and happiness