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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Optimistic Asian Girls

Make your post titles more interesting? Like what? Asian girls fights grizzly and loses finger but survives, full story next post.... Like that? I think I have read a thousand pages or so on building and marketing websites. I learned a new English word "exponential growth", well that's 2 words but I new growth already. I thought the words meant I was getting fat with age. Basically from this Asian girls can figure out is 2X2X2X2 etc... If 1 Asian girl tells 2 Asian girls and they each tell 2 Asian girls and they tell 2 Asian girls then 8 Asian girls would know. Is this right? Well I am trying something for more traffic that seems to work on this method, Send me One Million FREE Guaranteed Visitors I doubt it works but I am optimistic, wait an Asian girl with optimistic doubt what would that be?

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