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Monday, October 8, 2007

Cute Asian girls

Sometimes I can't think of any words to say about Asian girls. Now I am starting to understand blogging I think. Whenever you do not have words to say about Asian girls you simple pull something from the sky, like your dinner menu. I think Tom Yum would probably bore you to tears though. Asian girls though are like anyother girl around the world. We look for the same things that will make us happy. All women I think try to stay up on fashion and such to keep men interested. I think Asian girls have an erotic appeal to us same as anything out of the normal. Everyone in the world should be free to love and like whatever they want and enjoy it in peace. Some Asian girls like western men, some Asian girls don't. It is only about your taste and no one knows your taste but you. Let everyone love what they want and be happy.

1 sexy girl comments:

Anonymous said...

Hi Thaidarling,
If this was my wife i'd keep her as happy as can be, but then again looks are only half of the package right. But my opinion is that she's super good looking and extremely kissable. :)